Thursday, March 22, 2007

Home School Convention

Well, I'm off early in the morning to head to Indianapolis with two other "possible" homeschooling moms (they won't make themselves say "yes, I'm homeschooling" - I remember those days). It will be interesting - lots of curricula vendors and workshops. I have been recently reading a book that had been recommended to me before I had started homeschooling entitled The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise but I had so much at the time to read already that I had put it off. Now that I'm taking the time to read it I wish I had read it before I started. It's not too late though. I am quite intrigued by the book to say the least and would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering homeschooling or just wanting to supplement their child's traditional education. There is another book I would like to read (when my brain isn't on over-load) entitled The Well-Educated Mind - a guide to the classical education you never had.


Here's a cute little picture HubbaDette drew on the bathtub wall with her bath crayons - this is a portrait of TeeTee and Mommy.


Lisa said...

I can only dream of a homeschool convention... Hope you enjoy it for both of us! *LOL*

LOVE the bathtub mural! :o)

Aunt Jo said...

Have fun!
I could totally tell that was you on the left.

Carly said...

Please Come to my blog.

Anne said...

Lisa - it was a very tireing trip.

Aunti J - That is just too funny that you figured out I was the "blue" one.

Carly - see ya in a few.

Foo said...

Cute drawings, but I would have guessed some sort of mythical creatures with wings. Something from a Tim Burton movie, perhaps.