Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ooo that smell....

Can't'cha small that smell?

What is the world coming to? How many smells do we have to have? Do our homes smell THAT bad? I have a neighbor who asks me to pick up her mail when she and her family go out of town. I usually take it inside and leave it on the counter and then feed her fish. This is a home that is very well kept and clean YET, the smell of PugIns is so strong that it hurts my nose and throat whenever I go in there. I don't know how the family survives in there! You can almost taste it in the air!

I got on this kick tonight because while I was relaxing on the couch mulling over curriculum and this weekend's workshops I saw an ad for Glad PlugIns. Not only is it smelly but now it has a LIGHT! YIPPEE!! A smelly light show!

To top it off, I'd really like to know who in the world wrote that juvenile rendition of the PlugIn jingle?

Freshness day and night
Freshness with a light
Plug it in, plug it in.

WooHoo!! That deserves a standing ovation! I wonder how much money this person is making? Maybe I could get that job?

One day the kids and I and another homeschooling family were out and about and decided to stop at some local food joint to eat. Before departing, we paused momentarily to use the facilities. While in there, I just happened to be standing under the scent spray thing-a-muh-bob when it decided to squirt it's timely stink bomb right in my hair! I smelled like a bathroom all day! Needless to say... I got a headache from it.

In case anyone is wondering... the best smell a home can have is the smell of food cooking in the kitchen when you walk in the door. Who can deny the comfort that overcomes you when you encounter such a lovely aroma? Home can be a great place.

Later Taters!


euphrony said...

Ooooh! A pot-roast plugin! I might just buy that. Or a roast turkey one. Naw, they'd probably mess that up, too.

Puffed your hair? That's bad.

Seriously, these scents give me killer migraine headaches. Can't stand them at all.

euphrony said...

By the way, happy birthday!

KingJaymz said...

Happy Birthday...I got you this stuff, cause I totally knew it was your birthday!(?!) It's just out, uh...over in, uh...the car! (Turns and heads out the door) Clunk...clunk...clunk (shuts door) clunkclackclunkclackclunkclack (Whirrrirrirr, vrooomrooomroom, screeeeeeeeeeeech).

Seriously, Happy B-day. You're what, 22? 24?

For me, either the smell of fresh wort (the stuff extracted from malted barley and other grains that is boiling on the stove) or the smell of fresh baked bread is it. I only have a small "fart extinguisher" in the bathroom, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, fresh herbs or good ol' fresh air is all that sweetens the smell of my apartment. I, too, harbor a hatred beyond all reason for Glade plug-ins and the like.

How about this:

Freshness covers a fart,
Freshness like an apple tart,
Plug it in, plug it in

Now, where's my $50,000 SC Johnson?

Lisa said...

I use Plugins... Vanilla ones. :o)

R said...

They do get quite strong...

Anne said...

Euphrony - Yes the day my hair got puffed was a bad day indeed. Thanks for the B-Day wishes.

KJaymz - My son would like that jingle Jaymz.

Lisa - I'm not sure how the vanilla ones smell anymore. Apparently no one is happy with vanilla. We have to have tropical vanilla ocean pine tree with gravel smells.

R - Yes... very strong.

Aunt Jo said...

I love the smell of brewing coffee in the morning or baking cookies in the afternoon. :o)

Isn't it funny how God made us all like different smells? I LOVE vanilla and Carly hates it. She loves cucumber melon and I don't like that.....