Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Are My Keys?

Before we get into our next challenge I want to thank Badoozer for the lovely gifts she sent to me. Thanks Badooz!


We have been given another challenge from Ms. Badoozer and once again, I am complying.

Now, I don't believe I have very much to carry but HubbaHoney thinks there is too much here to fit into his pocket. The only thing I don't need is the mini laser pointer/flashlight although the flashlight has come in handy on more than one occasion.

This is probably my most favorite key ring in all my 24 years of driving. I found this at Old Gravy (that's what I like to call Old Navy - I have different names for different stores and restaurants). I like this so much because I can remove keys pretty easily and I have strategically placed each item specifically for easy removal in a pinch.

The laser pointer/flashlight I had bought off the discount rack at Target for HubbaHoney but he never took it out of the package - now it's mine until it dies.

I'm not sure about these remote controls for the car. There have been several occasions that I have returned to my car after shopping, etc. and found the sliding passenger door open. I suppose the button gets pushed while bouncing around in my purse.

Okay, that's it for me. I've got a busy schedule for the rest of the week and weekend. We have, to name a few, PineWood Derby trials and race, a basketball game and trophy day, and a field trip to our local paper The Courier Journal - HubbaDood submitted a short story to the Young Author's competition through them.

Later Taters!


Emma Sometimes said...

well, you can't go without your ymca and kroger cards, now can you? Keys are essential and so it the beebooper.

I like your counter tops.

Lisa said...

Great keys! ;o)

Do you know how Hubbadood's story did? Emily is always writing stories! Reminds me of myself! *LOL*

R said...

counter tops ARE looking rather fine, I may say...

Anne said...

Emmers - Thanks! I've been pleased with them as well.

Lisa - Well, we're not able to attend the trip to the Courier Journal because HubbaDood is running a fever accompanied by a croupy cough and cold symptoms. They will still judge his story and the prize is scholarship money. Sounds good to me.

R - To be honest, my sister-in-law picked out my counter top for me when we were building the house about five years ago. I've liked them quite well.

Anonymous said...

i thought for sure you'd have a few pompoms or something on there, but i do like the laser thing

Anne said...

Badoozer - Pompoms? I don't have time or the room in my purse for that stuff anymore.