Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shaklee Goes To The Oscars / Other Stuff

Okay, I just have to make an announcement. As some of you may know I'm all into nutrition and better health (and killing myself on this Fat Smash thing right now - my mom has lost 6 pounds in 6 days - I'm still on and off). I'm especially all into Shaklee and have been since I started using their products in 1989 (HubbaHoney's been using Shaklee for 23 years). So, I was getting ready to head to bed this evening (morning) and noticed in my e-mail that Shaklee's cleaning products are in the big pile of gifts for the Oscar people - a picture of it is on's website right in the front between the two pink bottles.

So, I thought it was pretty cool and just had to share. I would love to talk more about nutrition and health but I'm afraid I might bore you guys.


In other news, HubbaDood has been working hard on his Pinewood Derby car for this year's race (it's apparent my kitchen table means nothing). I'm sad to announce that he has been taken by the flu bug and will probably NOT be able to participate in tomorrow's race or in his last basketball game/trophy awards. He's so good about it though. He hasn't complained one bit. We missed our field trip to the Courier Journal today as well. There's always next year.


I wanted to share a few pictures HubbaHoney took with my camera last Saturday - we had such a beautiful snowfall that day that he just couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy them.

Later Taters!


Lisa said...

Never heard of Shaklee. Thanks for the heads up!

Sorry for Hubbadood... Hope he feels better soon, and that none of the rest of you are affected! *Grin*

LOVE the snow pictures! You and the kids were real troopers for posing! ;o)

R said...

Cute photos!

Hope the guy feels better soon.

Badoozie said...

good pics...sorry for the little dude, working hard and not getting to go...durn it!