Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crabbs and What?

While visiting Badoozer's blog I got the idea to post something my mom used to say to me, my brother and my sister. Every time we asked "what's for dinner (or supper depending of where you're from I guess)"? We'd get the standard answer "crabbs and ice cream". "Crabbs and what"? my kids say with a puzzled look on their faces as I repeat the same phrase from my childhood. Funny thing is, all MY kids heard was "ice cream". Figures.

Any funny things your parents used to say to you? Maybe something interesting you say to your own children?


Pinewood Derby
Just wanted to share that the HubbaDood won a first place trophy in his den for the Pinewood
Derby this past Saturday. He was so excited! He has had the best time in his first year in Cub Scouts. He's all about doing things to earn badges. That's the one good thing I did at my Gatlinburg trip - I purchased a Cub Scout scrapbook and stickers so he can work on his own memory book. We have another competition this Saturday (districts) and he's looking forward to it. I have to toss in a picture of HubbDette - she stood strong and hung in there while HubbaDood (bubby) was busy winning.


Feathers said...

Hi Anne, I found you through Susie's blog, I am enjoying my visit. Congrats to the Hubbadood on his win! Your kids are adorable. Scrapbooking is such fun, great thing for kids to be involved in.

Badoozie said...

ah heck. isn't that just the cutest? good for him, and you too. i'm not a good parent, i don't do extracurricular activities, maybe because my kid never wants to?

Foo said...

Congratulations on the win, Hubba Dood. My, how pinewood derby cars have changed. When I was in cub scouts, all we had were the little skinny wheels held on with nails. Drive the nail in too far and the wheels didn't turn freely; not far enough, and they wobbled as the car went down the track.

My dad and I built two pinewood cars, both of which came out pretty cool. I'd share them with you, but I unfortunately didn't see any value in them, when I was in my teens, and threw them out.

Reverberate58 said...

My mom always was saying "You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar!" I always wondered why I would want to attract flies but found myself quoting it to my son just the other day!

Congrates on the Derby win.

Anne said...

Feathers - Thanks for visiting with me! Yes - we really like scrapbooking. I just wish I had more time to do it. I'm making a special box and place in the kitchen for my son's stuff (instead of in the dark basement where all MINE is) so we will be sure to make time for it.

Badoozer - I'm not the good parent either. I'm good and reminding The Hubbs to keep up with it though. I'm overwhelmed enough by what's required for home schooling (it doesn't take much by the way to overwhelm me) that I put The Hubbs in charge of Scout stuff. Luckily, The Hubbs loves to do it with HubbaDood. I don't give it too long before he's one of those Scout leaders.

Foo - The car still has nails for the wheels but the car that comes in the kit has grooves for the nails to rest in. It's too bad you didn't keep your cars. I've got a lot of things missing from my kid days. I guess I'll just have to enjoy my memories.

Darlene said...

I tell them that their supersonic idiotic disconnected brain infected dilly dolly dum dums. I guess that makes me a bad mom. But I don't serve them crabs--that I don't do! I think I'll start now.

Junosmom said...

Hi Anne, couldn't find where to email you, so I'm leaving a comment here, knowing you'll get it.

RE: Wristbands
Yes, except that there doesn't seem to be an activity anytime soon. Where do you live? Do you have a Young Rembrandts again Monday or is it over? The next time I see is March 30th. I had hoped to be at the OCHE mtg. but it was the same exact night as the consortium open house. I could maybe drop them off while I'm doing errands sometime or we'd be happy to mail them.


Anne said...

Darlene - Crabbs & Icecream is pretty tastey by the way.

Cathy - I will e-mail you. Thanks!

Bar Bar A said...

First Place! That's great! I've been to my share of those and there is tough competition...good for him!

When we used to ask my mom what was for dinner she'd always say the same thing "Food"

uncle joe said...

Yes the pinewood derby brings back some memories.

Aunt Jo said...

Congrats HubbaDood!!

Meow said...

Congratulations Hubbadood on the victory.
Have a great week, Meow