Thursday, December 29, 2005


Before you begin to read, I have to say that I typed this post yesterday but save it in draft form. I decided to post it today due to the lack of time I have left to post to my own blog. You can blame this on Susie for her lengthy post that took me approximately three hours to read including all the comments. She's just such a popular gal! So, here's my post with modifications to make it read well for today.

Okay, I'm going to display some pictures of my house since Christmas hit my home. I would've never thought I was a neat freak but I think I'm getting worse as I get older. Maybe it's because I'm here 24/7 and have to look at it.

I'm suppose to have a friend over today with her two kids (9 and 6). She works A LOT and they are off school for the holiday and she hasn't got a clue what to do with them. She and I used to live together years back so she knows what a slob I "was" so if the house is a mess - she expects it. Her house on the other hand is always perfect. She asked me how come I complain my house is a mess all the time when I'm home all day to clean it. What she doesn't realize is that the only reason hers is clean is because they don't "live" there and she doesn't cook. Every time I clean the kitchen it's time for the next meal. Every time I make a bed it magically turns into a trampoline. Every item of clothing my son puts on gets covered in food (and dirt if he's outside). So, his jammies get breakfast on them, his house clothes get food on them, and if we have to go run an errand (such as returning overdue library books that cost me $6.00 in late fees), etc., the "nice" clothes get initiated as well. Every time I pick up toys my kids have to go to that room and "mark their territory" so to speak. As I've said before, if the toilets are clean we're doin' good.

So, on with the show:

Here are kids marking their territory with a science kit from Radio Shack.

My kitchen - what a mess! The pictures always have this glare if there's a window anywhere in sight.

Down the hall from the front door to my kitchen. I have a coat rack (right) but I can't stand coats to be hanging on it.

This used to be my dining room but I like sitting in there so much that I made it a "den"? Don't you just love my furniture - compliments of yard sales and goodwill. Not because I shop there (because I'm not a shopper) it's because my in-laws shop there. You can also find them out late at night roaming the neighborhoods on "big" garbage night to find things to sell.

This is my blogging space. What a mess I am. If you look closely, you can see Susie's blog on my computer screen.

This is the entry way. You can see several lost items on the steps that need to find their way upstairs. Somehow, for some reason, everyone seems to develope huge blind spots as they approach the platform to head up the steps.

I have since removed all indications of Christmas from the main level of the house. I now feel a sense of peace beginning.


Badoozie said...

i happen to like your house. it looks cozy and homey and you are a good decorator. that desk of yours rocks. i love old stuff like that, i bought an old desk myself, and i think i'll post a pic of it, if you think THAT is bad. And to see my blog on your screen, well it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or was that just the entire chocolate bar i consumed for breakfast.

But, i must say, in the pic of your kitchen the following word. BUSTED.

thats right, i spy a drink container from a local junky fast food joint, so whats your story there sister? huh? better be good one.

and by the way. i'm reading between the lines here, and i hope your friend doesn't read this or get offended, but i completely understand your dilemma there with the constant work. i've been a stay at home mom for pretty much all my days of being a mom, and i only had one rug rat, where you have two. well, i had three for awhile, but they're not here right now. thats a story for another day.

my point is this. You work your butt off, and don't get enough credit for it. people are so insensitive about sahm's. makes me want to hit people. its a hard job, and it's never ending. and yes, you can keep the place clean if you're never there. so i totally respect you, and what you are doing homeschooling your kids.

and as for the stuff on the floor. you could make an entire post out of the amazing things that people living in our homes will step over rather than stoop to pick it up. There is a disease pervaiding our society, and it's called, "inability to bend at the waist".

Anne said...

I saw that "Wendy's" cup after I took the picture but as I said before - I DO live in the world you know? Figures YOU would see that.

Wait a minute, I remember now, a friend of mine stopped by and left behind her drink. That's right. Forget what I said before.

Aunt Jo said...

Sure Anne, blame it on company.

Vaccuums are for picking up stuff on the floor. WHy bend over? Just go back and forth back and forth till it sucks up, if it doesn't, kick right under the vaccuum and see if that does it. As a last resort, bend over and pick it up.

I like your house.

Badoozie said...

oh my gosh, don't listen to aunt J, i bet she goes through vacuums like bread!! unless of course, you borrow your husbands 150 gallon shop vac, with the huge hose, and THEN you could clean up real good. and you could suck up that wendy's cup. that friend that left the cup was really rude to leave her cup. people should ask where the trash is, and use it. thats my philosophy on life. now, for pictures of your bathroom. i need to know if your the type that cleans those icky rings out of your toilet. are you?

i can't come and visit next year if there are rings in the toilet.

Aunt Jo said...

Good Lard!! Here you are again!! Y'all please don't come to Oklahoma. I have a nasty ring in my terlet right now, and I can't get my brush down there to scrub it. Hey I know, I will use Joe's toothbrush. It is one of those fancy electric kinds and it will scrub it off lickety-split. (Don't tell him I did it...he thinks he is Seinfeld already and this is straight out of an episode)

~Jennifer said...

Nice try, but eh, you call that a mess? Sorry, takes more than that to impress me. ;-)

Fred said...

That kitchen is a mess? In my house, that would be extremely clean!

Thanks for the tour, looks like a great CHristmas!

Anne said...

Well, I must admit that I picked up a bit before taking the picture. Maybe when I become braver I will let you see some more of my "dirt". I have some hidden areas of embarrassment in this house - believe me.

Badoozie said...

i'm braver than you, i just now walked into mine, and took the picture. and believe it or not, it's better than it usually is. it comes along with depression, and too much blogging

aunt J, you are evil. if joe see's this he's going to hide his toothbrush, and then what will you use. never admit to your secret tactics online. use a pumice stone for the love of pete