Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Life Right Now

I am currently still in my jammies watching my son through the dining room window while he and the neighbor kids watch a truck drop off stuff to pour a basement to a new house in the neighborhood. Okay, how am I on the computer AND watching him out the window you wonder? Well, TeeTee is in the window now letting me know Bubby's every move while I blog this event - I'm in the same room.

Here's a visual:

If you look close enough you can actually see the kids (3rd driveway up). My son is in the gray sweatshirt. Oh, notice my neighbor's dead grass?


Badoozie said...

no, i can't tell the grass is dead, you have some sort of blue filter on that picture. can you please step outside in your jammies, and take a better picture?

i've been sitting in my jammies for 2 hours, stalking people on the blogs. yes, stalking. cept i sleep in the same clothes i wear for days on end, then i can't be accused of laying around in my jammies. phew i smell something. i think i need a bath

Aunt Jo said...

Sniff sniff....what is that dirty head/pooty smell? Oh Hi Susie! Didn't see you there.

WHat is it about men and large earth-moving equipment? They start at a young age.

Badoozie said...

your very funny AJ. very funny indeed. i'm not the one who was in their jammies until 5pm today!!

my ex used to get on that stuff, and find where they hid the keys, and start them up, i hid, because i was afraid of being arrested.

Fred said...

Yup, I can see the kids. I loved living in neighborhoods where new houses were going up. It always gave us a place to drop off all sorts of garbage.

Badoozie said...

fred, you shamless hussy. okay, fine, i've done that too.

Anne said...

Fred - we love the huge dumpsters. We like the leftover wood to build shelves in the garage with.