Monday, December 19, 2005


Sorry to have been away - the weekends are hard for me to get to the computer because I have to share with hubby.

I have been having trouble with the last set of teeth I had worked on and I was at the point over the weekend that I can't eat on one side. It should be a good thing for me NOT to eat - but I'm not too fond of the pain I'm experiencing!

What a day I have ahead - I've got to finish school, drop my kids off at grandma's (who wasn't too thrilled because I'm putting a dent in her day), get to the dentist and have who knows what done in my mouth. Then, go back and pick up the kids and get to the chiropractor by 3:30 because this is the last time to see him until January. All of this requires backtracking which I detest.

Man, it doesn't seem like much when you write it down. But I didn't include drive time, preparing mine and the kid's appearance, rebellion from the kids because I'm rushing them, and the fact that I'm a procrastinator (this is the key factor in all of this). All my life I haven't been able to shake it - it's like a monkey on my back.

I kicked the smoking habit - why can't I kick the procrastination problem? This drives my husband crazy. This should be my resolution for the new year. Maybe someone could leave me some ideas of how to kick the procrastination habit. I'm 39 so I don't believe it's going to be easy. Help me!!

Well, I must go - but do I want to? I really didn't want to have to have shots in my mouth today!!

My little nuggets.


Badoozie said...

great picture!! definetely one for your desktop. don't you wish santa would bring you a new laptop? then you wouldn't have to share with hubby, and you could waste all weekend blogging like me. a great tool for procrastinators.

i'm not going to be able to help on the procrastination thing. i've got a bad case of it. bad. i didn't used to be this way, and i think it comes with depression. for me anyway.

hope your mouth is not too sore. i hate the dentist and avoid it at all costs. why is your mom unhappy about taking the kids? i would be delighted to have your kids if i was a granny. but then i love kids.

Aunt Jo said...

I have to make myself accountable and write everything on my calendar. I am so disorganized, I have to keep the family calendar in my bathroom....the only place I am sure to look every day before work.

At work I am horrible about procrastinating so I keep a clip board to hold all the stuff I have to get done in the order it is due. I also asked my boss to date whatever projects she gives me. My goal is to have them back in a week. (Sometimes, like now when I am filling in for a sick employee, I am falling behind.)

That's my two cents worth.....

:o)now I have to go fold socks.