Friday, December 16, 2005

Things That "Gripe" Me

Okay, I'm going to start my list since everyone else has. These are things that bother me:

1. A hot chair. I can't stand when someone has been sitting in my chair and warmed it up - I like my own warmth.

2. A warm phone. Oooo! In my days of working outside the home, I didn't like it when someone would use my phone and get it all warmed up. Even worse would be their cakey makeup crusted in the number pads and lipstick on the mouthpiece!!!!

3. Salt under my fingernails or ground dead cow under my nails.

4. People peeing on (not in) ON my toilet! I'll not mention names but I only have two men in my house and it's not the older one.

5. People not cleaning the pee off my toilet!

6. Rolled up balls of socks at the bottom of the steps. Can't you get them to the laundry?

7. Unflushed stuff in the potty.

8. Asking more than once! My famous saying - "How many times do I have to say it?"

9. Clutter!

10. Dirty dishes in the sink. Not just dirty. I'm talkin' hunky junky chunks of yuck floating around in the water! I'll put chunky dishes in the dishwasher but not in my dishwater.

I can't believe I came up with ten. I'm sure if I sat here longer I would come up with more. Maybe next time I will post the things that give me joy.

This is the result of my son trying to take a picture of me in my jammies in the bathroom.


Badoozie said...

i think you have a toilet thing. i agree with you on warm seats, and people touching my phone. i worked at a doctors office, and i would cringe when people wanted to borrow the phone. thank god for antibacterial wipee's. and we don't have a dishwasher, and if i'm doing dishes, and someone comes up and puts their plate in there without rinsing it off first, i turn into a monster. chunks. yuck. i would have NO problem coming up with a list of gripes. smells and certain noises would be dominating the space.

Fred said...

Here's my list:

1. Seeing the doctor at 10:45 when my appointment was for 9:30.
2. Cars parked in two spaces, not one. I always have the temptation to scratch the car, or do some other minor damage.
3. Someone sitting next to me on a plane that has verbal diarrhea.
4. Students who ask me for a pencil during class. (You’re supposed to come prepared with pencils and pens, right?)
5. 1-800 customer service lines that require me to press 18 buttons before I talk to a real, live person.
6. People who think calling after 10:00 pm is perfectly acceptable. (You should not be borrowing sugar that time of night; I thought someone died when the phone rang.)
7. Bedrooms in my house. Why can’t kids be neat and organized? (Is there a floor in there somewhere?)
8. People with 11 items in the “10 items or less” line.
9. People who wear lab coats to their jobs and they are not in the medical or science profession. Biggest violator? Cosmetic counter employees. (You are not a doctor. You are not a scientist. You apply lipstick.)

Badoozie said...

fred, you recycled that. i read that on your blog one day. my son and I perused freds blog, and we found some really funny stuff, there's that little cartoon guy on the computer who beats his hands, and then his head and theres eyeballs popping out, we played it repeatedly, and had a good laugh.

Fred said...

Well, it was original at one point...

Good eye!

Anne said...

Susie - I too think I have a toilet problem which is one of many.

Fred - I love that list and I'm sure mine would've been similar but I think I was having issues on Friday.

uncle joe said...

Please forgive me for not coming over to visit sooner. I promise you I will be back at least 25 times a day. Thank you so much for the link. I don't know how to do that yet. I have told Josefina to come visit you tomorrow. Lots of catching up to do.

uncle joe said...

Oops, I think I was here on bad english day!

Aunt Jo said...

Hello! I'm here and I loved your blog.....

I thought I was the only one with the thing about someone else's warm seat. Ewww!

Aunt Jo said...

Hello! I'm here and I loved your blog.....

I thought I was the only one with the thing about someone else's warm seat. Ewww!

Foo said...

It's a matter of perspective, I think.

If it's Sweetie doing the warming, well okay. The house is a little chilly, and I'm grateful.

If I'm at work and am faced with the prospect of following the guy who has just turned the place into a supersite, then not even using every "sani-seat" in the dispenser will do the trick.

It's safari time, and I'm off to some other floor of the building in search of a chillier perch.

Anne said...

I just love the aunts and uncles visiting with me!

foo - I don't mind hubby doing the warming either.