Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I've had so many things I have wanted to post about and now... my mind is empty. We started full force with school this week and I'm stressed a bit - can't seem to get a good schedule worked out this year.

I had a mole removed yesterday between my left pinky and my ringer finger - right in between them. The doctor put a stitch in it. I went in a few weeks ago to have one particular mole looked at that everyone willingly tells me "you should have that looked at." It took him maybe two seconds to tell me it was nothing. Instead, while he's telling me a story about someone who died from a melanoma, I said "what about this one" as I showed him the small dark mole between my two fingers. He says "I'd like to have a punch of that one." So yesterday he got a "punch" of it. I won't know anything for ten days. Don'tcha hate that waiting period?

At least I didn't have to do the dishes last night. :)


Alice said...

Oh dear Lord.

...I'm praying it's nothing.

I really am praying.

And because me and God are like THAT *crosses fingers*, of course, that means it definitely won't be anything to speak of.

...Ha. Well, anyway, I'm praying.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Not about the mole. But about having stuff to blog about and then it leaving your head right when you find time to sit down and write!

I've had lots of moles removed...I'm a pretty holy moly person! If you are too, you might want to get a regular dermatologist checkup each year just for her/him to skim over your entire body to check for new occurrences.

Anne said...

Alice - Thanks, I welcome that.

Renee - I first called a dermo and it was two months before I could get in. I don't have a regular doctor - not a big fan. But I had to find one. It probably would be a good idea to get a regular check - like I need ANOTHER yearly examination! :)

Uncle Joe said...

Batman hates moles.

Anne said...

But... does Batman HAVE moles?

Funky-Redhead said...

Hmm...If there are "Worry Warts..." Then we will pray this is a " Mountain out of a "mole" hill?" type situation?! Love you.

Uncle Joe said...

batman has moles.

Fred said...

I go four times a year so they can dig ditches in my skin. I'm beginning to look like the moon.

Mike said...

It seems like Turtle has to have a couple moles removed each year. Definitely something to watch, but I hope yours turns out to be nothing.

I know just what you mean about “blog leakage”. On a single trip to or from work, I may think of two or three things I'd like to post about. By the time I have the time, the ideas have usually been pushed aside by technical stuff from work or the to-do list I'm tracking in my head.

R said...

I hope all is ok! I had that done recently too and it was good news.

Funky Red Head?! I haven't seen you in FOREVER!

How are you?

Anne said...

Funky - You know I'm not a worrier.

UncleJ - No superpowers agains that?

Fred - WOW!! FOUR TIMES a year?! We are gonna have to start calling you "Crater."

Mike - Who are you? Sneaking in under a new name? Too many things gave you away. :)

R - All is well.