Friday, September 19, 2008

Moles Update

I went back this past Tuesday to remove my stitch and the doctor had the results. He said "it's a horse about to leave the barn." Don'tcha love the description? Basically, it's not melanoma YET. So I have an appointment with another doctor next week to completely remove the invader from my hand. My doctor said he would rather someone else do it since it's in such a funky spot - right between my pinky and ring finger.

I can honestly tell you that I NEVER get sun exposure in that spot. It's not like I lay out in the sun with my fingers spread and pointed upward.

I have to give God some public praise right now because I had gone in for a totally different mole and if it wasn't for the doctor telling me a story about someone dying from melanoma I would have walked right out the door without him looking at this one. God works in the most mysterious ways and I so love the mystery of it all.

Even if it had been bad news it would be His will - not mine. I'm just thankful to Him that His will and mine were both the same this time. :)

Thanks for all your concern for me. :) I recently learned that it does help when we bear our burdens with one another. (Gal. 6:2)


The Doozie said...

Just goes to say that you don't have to get sun exposure to get skin cancer.

Fred said...

Glad they caught it. I had a few close calls and had Mohs surgery once to get one completely out. I've even had the same one done twice.

It really pays to be vigilant. One one occasion, the nurse practitioner told me a mole was no problem, and I walked out without having it removed. I didn't feel good about it, went back to have it taken off, and it was stage 2 basel cell.

Now you know why I'm such a mess.

Anne said...

Dooz - Apparently!

Fred - You ARE a mess. That just proves to me that if I'm paying to be there I want to see the DOCTOR not the nurse practitioner!

R said...

Praise God. I hope all goes well from here on.

Uncle Joe said...

I love good news.
great news.

thislittlepiggy said...


Rhonda J said...

Bearing our burdens to one another is such a wonderful thing, not only for the one who is struggling because obviously they receive so much moral and often physical support but even so for the ones to which we are bearing our burdens because it then gives them the chance to glorify God by doing good deeds. It is an awesome concept created by our GOD and I am so blessed to have been on the receiving end of it all at one time with you and all my other brothers and sisters in Christ. I miss you all terribly.