Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My New Best Friend

I have a new friend - she's from Scheller's Fitness & Cycling in Louisville. She's a Trek Pure Lowstep. Here's a bit about her: Spin across town in comfort and style with Trek's Pure Lowstep. With its upright riding position and foot-forward design, the Pure lets you place your feet fully on the ground for safety and confidence. And getting on and off couldn't be easier with the low frame you can step right over. It's also one of the easiest bikes to ride you've probably ever tried thanks to the at-the-ready controls, upright handlebars, cushy seat, the 7-speed drivetrain that flattens the climbs and the powerful linear-pull brakes that give you total confidence.

This was a gift from HubbaHoney to me for Mother's Day. Why? Because I've always liked to ride but have struggled because I'm 5 ft. tall. I'm not comfortable teetering atop a bicycle and not being able to touch the ground when stopping. It's interesting, I wouldn't want to ride a motorcycle that felt that way either and believe me, I've ridden many a motorcylce that was uncomfortable. I prefer an upright riding position - much like the 250 Nighthawk I rode for a while. I recently had HubbaHoney pull the old Magna off the hooks in the garage and took another stab at for the kids' sake: "Come on Mom, ride with us!" It was terrible. It hurts my hands and my shoulders to lean forward like that AND worst of all... I CAN'T TOUCH THE GROUND!

HubbaHoney wanted to surprise me with a new bike with an upright position but was afraid to just buy it and bring it home (very wise decision). A bike is a personal item - it needs to be right. So, I stopped at the bike shop like he asked and told the guy what I wanted and he took me right to it! It was great! But even better... HubbaHoney came home with one for himself as well! We have had so much fun riding those Treks for the past two days! The kids keep saying "this is the best day ever!"

So, if you've missed riding a good bike - get away from Walmart and Target and get to a real bike shop - it's a wonderful thing. It's more money but I believe its well worth the investment.

I call my husband every day and tell him how much I like my bike. :) Thanks Baby!


Uncle Joe said...

You're taller than Doozie.

Cool Bike.

R said...

Doozie is not shorter than five feet, is she? Huh.

Nice bike!

Uncle Joe said...

Doozie is like 4 feet, 2 inches.

When we met her she had to stand on a box for us to see her.

Aunt Jo said...

It's about time you update this bloggie!!

Wooohooo! You are stylin' with your new wheels. I am jealous.

Have fun riding all over town. YOu could have lots of teaching moments with the kids !

Anne said...

There is no way she's 4 ft. 2! And I thought I was short!

AJ - It has been soooo much fun!

Uncle Joe said...

Peewee Herman called and he wants his bike back.

Aunt Jo said...

UJ stop being naughty or I will put you in time out. Doozie is not that short. Almost, but not quite.:o) She is gonna come over here and scissor kick you in your bathead.

Foo said...

I'm glad to see that you decided to let the pros at your LBS (local bike shop) steer you to just the right bike. It sounds like you're enjoying it and will be putting it to use, so the extra you paid over some off-brand junk you might have found at MegaMart will get you more value over the long haul.

I think I'd enjoy a pedal-forward bike for just loafing around the neighborhood with Turtle, but this one is more my style.

Fred said...

I need to get a new bicycle. I need to get in shape. I need to cut back on the sweets. I need to....

You get the idea.

Groovy Mom said...

Very nice gift! We've talked about getting bikes too, just haven't taken the plunge. (and lack garage space.)

doozie said...

What the heck? Fred's here!!

oh, and I'm NOT a midget. It's just that some people are giants. I am a nice 5'4" and shrinking.

Happy moms day, your bike is very unique, please put a basket on the front and a little toot toot horn

Anne said...

This is better than Pee Wee Herman's bike.

Foo - Leave it to HubbaHoney to looks to the pros for help. He's the one who told me to stop in there. Very glad I did.

Fred - Get a bike. It's cool.

GroovyMom - The garage space has been an issue. I keep banging the van door on the handlebars of my son's bike.

Q - Can you believe Fred's back?! I about fell out of my chair. I'm glad to hear you're taller than I am.

Oh... it has a bell on it and I have plans in the future to get a basket AND a rack on the back. What a picture.