Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Morning America / Childhood Experience

Well, I just have to gloat a bit. was featured on Good Morning America this morning! I know it's not a big deal to some people but besides being a mom, a homeschooler, and a singer/songwriter... I love to talk nutrition and I love my business! was one of five companies profiled in a segment focusing on home-based business opportunities for women. It was about how to select a home-based business through a reputable company that fits your lifestyle. You can click here to read the article and view the video - it's entitled "Make Money from Home".

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Childhood Experience
Some time around the age of five or six I experienced something that would change how I would sleep for the rest of my life. It's interesting how our experiences play a huge role in who we are, what we do, and how we act.
I am the oldest of three. I remember sharing a room with my brother when we were little. We had bunk beds. I, being the oldest, got to sleep on the top bunk while my brother slept in the bottom bunk. They were made by stacking two twin beds. We didn't have a fancy ladder but had to climb up and down the end foot-boards. There were many falls from that top bunk. When my sister came along she joined us - her baby bed was placed across the room from brother and me.
I loved sleeping on the top bunk and I had a habit of hanging my arm and my head over the edge of the mattress. It seemed I couldn't go to sleep unless I was in that position. I remember talking with my brother for hours at night while mom would get more and more aggravated with us for disturbing my sister.
Next to my sister's bed was a rocker - a child's rocker given to me by my grandfather. I loved that rocker and still have it to this day. HubbaDette enjoys rocking her babies in it.
On the last night of sleeping in my favorite position - and I mean the last night - I remember waking in what seemed like the middle of the night. I remember opening my eyes for some reason and when I did I could see across the room to where my sister was sleeping. On this particular night I saw someone sitting in the rocker. I'm getting chills just thinking back on it as I type this. I'm not sure if it was a man or a woman but it had dark hair and was wearing a white coat - similar to a doctor coat - rocking back and forth in the rocker. I remember not moving at all but remaining still and watching. The person then noticed me and got up from the rocker.
I'll have to continue later. Stay tuned.


The Woman said...


Anne said...

Squeak! Squeak!

R said...

That was rotten to the core.

Will stay tuned though. :)

Anne said...

R - Sorry. I AM pretty rotten sometimes.

Ba Doozie said...

yes, you are ornery, so how long do we have to wait since you only post like once in a blue moon?

~Jennifer said...

ew, you're giving me the chills too.

Anne said...

Jeepers Creepers!

We have Vacation Bible School this week so I'm a little busy. I will try this week.

I'm not kidding, just thinking back on that while I was typing it (late that evening while everyone was in bed) was spookin' me.

Aunt Jo said...

I happened to see Shaklee on tv that day and thought of you!! :o)

I don't like scary stories! I have the heebie jeebies now!

Emma Sometimes said...

see, that's a little Roland Buck sounding..

(he's a fabulous author)