Friday, February 09, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Nothing new here. Well, probably. I'm just not in the mood to write. I've been involved with the FlyLady. I'm in dire need of being better organized - what do you think? (kid's bathtub)

(I was preparing a meal for us and a meal and dessert to take to a family)

It's been very helpful and I've been pretty busy with it. We also joined our local YMCA right after Christmas - it was only $1 to join so we couldn't pass it up. HubbaHoney's wondering how he's going to pay for it each month but in the meantime we've been wearin' that place out! I try let the kids swim on Fridays after I finish with my workout.

I have to say here, if it were not for a friend of mine being there just about every morning to talk to me through my two mile elliptical I think I would've already given up. I have been feeling a bit more energetic though. Oh, the other day, we couldn't find three ellipticals in a row so us girls could talk to each other. I ended up on a recumbent bike - I felt like Foo. I wonder, does his bottom get numb from riding that thing? My bottom was numb and so were my toes. I think I wasn't doing something write.


R said...

You don't look unorganized. My kids tub is crazy too. More crazy than that, and I am considered a relatively clean person.

Nice Kitchen Aid. I want a red one!

Anonymous said...

i too want a red kitchenaid. mine is boring old white.

also, i've totally busted you with christmas stuff still up. right there you have an airfreshener plug in thats christmas. GOTCHA

Anne said...

R - That mixer was a gift from HubbaHoney for Christmas. The kids and I have really enjoyed it.

DingleDoozerDorf - No busting over HERE! I purposely left that there because the kids like it. AND... it's not an air freshener - you won't find air fresheners in my house. It's one of those bubble lamp thingies. It's suppose to look like an actual flame when the liquid starts bubbling.

P.S. I have NO plug-ins, NO Fabreeze, NO carpet fresh (do they still make that?), NO air fresheners of any kind EXCEPT for a few vanilla candles - one of which came from DoozerDorf.

Lisa said...

For some odd reason I am hearing Hank Williams Sr. singing... Hey, Hey, good lookin'... Whatcha got cookin'?...

Great pictures! Especially love the look on your daughter's face. Must have been quite a sled ride!

I have it all going on... Plug-ins, Carpet Fresh (Yes, they still make it!), and vanilla candles. Am I bad or what? *Chuckle*

Foo said...

Back when I still had a gym membership, I used to use one of the stationary recumbents because it was easier on my neck and "soft tissues" while watching the TV mounted near the ceiling. This was about 5 years before I got back into biking. Little did I know.

Anyway, the seats on the stationary recumbents were lite regular old hard plastic chairs, whereas the seat on my recumbent is like a parenthesis (see here) with foam padding. So part of the difference is the padding, but mostly it's the fact that the angle of my seat distributes most of my weight across my back and not so much on my sit bones and shoulders.

Now, about the foot numbness. It's a little hard to say, since I don't know what your recumbents look like, but I'm guessing that the pedals aren't as far in the air as mine are--more like a traditional recumbent. So the problem probably isn't due to your feet being too high relative to the rest of your body. One possibility is that you've got your shoes laced too tightly. Remember: as you get your blood pumping, your feet will usually swell a bit, so leave a little room for that.

Also, if the pedals have straps, try using them and pedal in circles. By that, I mean use the straps to not only push the pedals, but also pull, on the back stroke. This does two things for you: it distributes the effort among different sets of muscles--brings in your hamstrings instead of just your quads and calves--and it also relieves pressure on the balls of your feet. It's that pressure that can contribute to numbness and "hot spots".

I hope some of this proves helpful.

Anne said...

Lisa - They were having a great time. I reminded them that all the kids in the "big school" were only getting to watch the snow from the window - if they were lucky enough to have a window.

Foo - That was a lot. I think I'm just going to avoid the recumbent bike. Oh and yes, the seat was hard.

~Jennifer said...

That's what my kitchen usually looks like only yours is bigger than mine. :-) Homeschooling does make the organization thing just a bit more challenging.

Thanks for the link up there in the next post. That was a nice surprise.