Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001 - Also known as 9/11

I've been reflecting back this week about this day in 2001. HubbaHoney (formerly known as The Hubbs) and I got out our 4 VHS tapes of the 9/11 footage that we taped that day and watched some of it. It didn't take long after inserting tape number one that we saw the second plane hitting the building and shortly thereafter watching them collapse. It felt like I was watching it for the first time again.

My neighbor called me this morning to ask if I was watching The Today Show because they were apparently rerunning their broadcast from the morning of 9/11 (she found out about the attacks from that show). Since I'm currently at the mercy of local programming and have no cable or satalite I wasn't able to watch what she wanted me to watch. She called me because we had spent that day together.

I remember it being a beautiful day that morning. HubbaDood was going to be two years old that following October. HubbaHoney and I were making plans to add another member to our family (HubbaDette). We had only been in the house for about two months and I was standing on the landing at the bottom of the steps in the foyer trying to hang curtains when my phone rang - it was my sister telling me to turn on the television. This was after the second plane had hit.

I'm not sure what happened after that; I just know my neighbor and her son and my sister-in-law ended up at my house for the day. We were glued to the t.v. wondering what was happening to the world as we knew it. I remember the kids going haywire while we stared at the t.v.

I'm not one to think too much about the future and it's not typical of me to get "distracted" by such issues as the future (typically). I thought more about the future of my family on that day and that following week than ever before. But I didn't ask the typical questions like "why". I have an understanding of "why". My understanding is that there IS death, there IS pain, there IS sorrow, there IS evil in this life "under the son" (Ecclesiastes). Since death is unavoidable, my only goal is to be pleasing to God so that in the end I and my household get to heaven. Part of that journey is to seek and save the lost.

"Well done, good and faithful servant..." (Matthew 25:23 -NKJV)


FruitfulSpirit said...

Great post Anne! I never thought to take it. Maybe because we had to watch whatever was on the tv at work all the time I was just sick of it by the end of the first week! We finally request to have the channel tuned to something else other than CNN and got to watch HGTV for a while! Thanks for sharing your memory of that day!

Fred said...

I showed footage today to my students; they were in 5th grade when it happened. Many of them said it's the first time they've really talked about it with anyone, parents included. That surprised me.

Lisa said...


Funky-Redhead said...

I, unlike you...when faced with death of loved ones do tend to wonder why...Not that I don't understand that death is "unavoidable," just I can never seem to keep from wondering how it all fit's into God's BIG plan for each of us.

Anne said...

Fruity - I didn't think to tape it either. It was HubbaHoney calling from work asking me to tape it on whatever tapes I could find.

Fred - That IS quite surprising. I've talked to HubbaDood about it - on a level that works for him. I talked to him about why we were hanging his school room flag on the front door today.

Lisa - Thanks!

Funky-Redhead - That would be a "why" of a different color. I agree with that "why" though.

Aunt Jo said...

I remember being at work when it happened and thinking, "how can these people come in here when people are dying!? why aren't we on our knees praying?"

HubbaDood said...
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Anne said...

AuntiJ - No kiding! I think everyone just couldn't believe what was happening. Sometimes I think it's because we are so numb from all the theatrics we accustomed to on t.v.