Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Blogger

Okay all you bloggers out there that visit with me - I have an announcement to make.

HubbaDood has a blog!

Can you believe it! He was so excited this morning to enter his first post. It's short and sweet and his entries will probably remain that way until he gains more typing and spelling skills. Please go visit with him and make him feel welcome. Maybe one day we can talk HubbaHoney into blogging. Wait... I forgot. He doesn't even know I blog (just kidding).

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HubbaDood said...

I think your blog is great!

I love you. Thanks Mom!

EmmaSometimes said...

very cool. So now HubbaHoney needs a blog. (maybe then he might see how amazing this is, Mr. Coffe is coming along nicely. At least he is READING blogs now...hehe)

Anne said...

HubbaDood - You are so very welcome sweetie.

Emmers - Yep. HubbaHoney got a call from HubbaDood today and heard all about how exciting it was to have a blog and have people visit it and comment. HHoney doesn't read the blogs so this will be new to him. I guess I need to straighten up and act right if he's gonna be on here.

Bar Bar A said...

That is a darling post he did so far!!! I hope he can get your hub to join in! My son has a myspace account because apparently if you are a teenager and don't have one, you don't really exist - you are not real. So he says. I check it out and its pretty boring (thank goodness).

Lisa said...

Cool kid! *Smile*

Funky-Redhead said...

Don't you have anything better to do than set up all your family and friends and their friends up with blog accounts?! hahahaha heeheeheehee hahahahaha

Foo said...

I love you. Thanks Mom!

That's about the best thing I've read all week.

Anne said...

Barbara - Yes it was cute. If it wasn't such a job for me when HE posts, he would be doing it all day. He is getting a kick out of all the visitors and comments.

Lisa - Thanks - I think so too.

Funky - Apparently not!

Foo - You should HEAR those words. So precious. :)