Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm Alive

Sorry I've been away. I had the recent pleasure of accompanying my son to Cub Scout day camp this past week - our first. Well, I mistakenly volunteered to help with the little ones - the group my daughter stayed with. The group of little ones that belonged to the volunteer parents at camp. What in the world was I thinking!!!!? Twenty-six children. Let me say that again - TWENTY-SIX, 26, Twenty-Six!!!

I'm not one to drop my kids off at places and so I wanted to be around for my son if needed but didn't want to leave my soon to be four year old (on the 19th) alone with people I didn't know. So, what did I do? I volunteered. It was horrible! I have been so tired this week. Twenty-Six screaming children from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. I now know I will never work in child care.

There was one rule - the kids had to be potty trained. Apparently, some parents looked over that part on the application. Oh, and one kid (almost four) wouldn't use the potty AT ALL!!! NONE!!! Not only that, he still wears a diaper - not a pull-up! This same kid drinks nothing but Mountain Dew. He is also scared of water and this is apparently why he doesn't use the potty. Whatever people!!! Kids were vomitting, pooping, running, snotting, SCREAMING - you name it, it happened! To add to the problem, it was just me and another ill-advised mother with all these kids - two of us. Isn't there a law?

When I showed up on Monday morning, I just stood there watching all the kids show up and proceed to run around the room. There was no plan for the day. No structure at all. It was the longest day of my life! All I did was tell the other mother I was going to be there with my daughter and that I would help out. OUCH!! I don't know what this woman was thinking.

Needless to say, we did things totally different the next day and had a lot more structure for them. BUT, I still will NOT do THAT again!!!

Oh, let me tell you something I'm just now learning - never apply sun screen before going in the sandbox. And another thing, sand is not good inside a diaper.

I shall depart this post with a couple of photos of my perfect children. I shall call them perfect now - I'm allowed to after the week I've had.

HubbaDood playing pool with grandma - he's cool isn't he? Let me not forget to say again how perfect he is. The other is obviously my beautiful, perfect daughter who somehow can't keep her eyes open at the dinner table. You should see the video but I forget - you can't because I am totally unable to figure out how to do that.


Fred said...

Twenty-six kids? Holy crap! (Sorry for the pun.)

The picture of your daughter is priceless. I hope you can figure out how to do the video thing; I'll bet it looks great.

Anne said...

Fred - Yep! 26 kids for five days! That IS a priceless picture - I wish they could stay young forever.

Bar Bar A said...

OH MY WORD!!! I am glad to see that you survived!!! Great pics of your kids...that one of your daugher is priceless!

Badoozie said...

she's obviously faking it in order to avoid eating that poisenous brocoili?

when, o when will you learn your lessons. must we go through this every time? volunteer = death

osray said...

I think there is a song... "Twenty six kids on a dead woman's chest?" Beautiful children... and the little girl looks to me like she did eat the posion brocoili.

Aunt Jo said...

A diaper wearing Mt. Dew drinking four year old is the funniest thing I have heard this morning!! (And I will refrain from any negative comments about the mother) I hope the mom reads the School Handbook that she cannot send her child to school in diapers. There is nothing that gags me more than some other kid's body products. Ewwww

I have to go eat breakfast now.
Wait, I am not sure I can eat.

Cute pictures of PERFECT kids! Hubbadood looks very serious about that shot he is about to make and Hubbadette, well there are no words! Just hehehaha!~AJ
Hi anne ~UJ

Reverberate58 said...

Oh Anne your poor thing! I have worked in day care and I do so understand what you went through! I am so glad you have two, 1, two perfect children. Love the pool shark picture but the sleeper at the table it too cute!

Anne said...

Barbara - I'm glad I survivied too.

Badoozer - You know, I'm 40 years old and you'd think I would know better by now.

Osray - What song is that? She likes broccoli she was just overcome by the sleepy bug.

Aunti J - You aint kiddin' about other kid's body products. This same kids got sand in his private areas and we had to call mom so she could hose him down outside. Needless to say he screamed like bigfoot being slaughtered.

58 - I don't know how in the world ANYONE works in daycare. There were several kids that were just perfect and obeyed - more kids like them would've made it easier.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... you're sick. Sick, sick, sick.