Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
To my perfect little girl!
She is 4 years old today.
I'm going to miss her when she grows up. I had a planned c-section on June 19, 2002 - it was a lot better than my first c-section. All went well with the delivery but she had a huge problem with her bilirubin count and ended up with jaundice - she had to stay in the hospital longer than me. Luckily, the hospital allowed us to stay a few nights for free as long as the rooms weren't needed. The hospital ended up discharging her even though her count had not gone down. We ended up having to have a nurse come to the house every day to prick her heel and check her blood. She had to stay under "that light" forever too. I finally was asked by her pediatrician to stop nursing her to see if it was my milk. He said sometimes on rare occasions it's the mother's milk that inhibits the body from expelling. As soon as I stopped her count went down and I only had to stop for one day.

What a precious, loving, perfect little child.


Badoozie said...

you are so blessed, and happy birthday to hubbadette from badoozer!!

Bar Bar A said...

She sure is perfect! Happy birthday to her! I know what you mean about missing her when she grows up. I miss my baby so much but now I have a teenager to love!

EmmaSometimes said...

Happy Birthday to Hubbadette!! What a doll! I love her sweet little dress.

Aunt Jo said...

Practically Perfect In Every Way!

What a sweetie.

Carly had jaudice just like that too. I had to stop nursing for a couple of days and use the factory strength pump at the hospital. Wowie zowie!

Happy Perfect Birthday!

Anne said...

Thanks girls! I just love my little girl.

Alice said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hubbadette!!!

I hope she had a fantabulous day.

By the way, you may be lucky having her as a daughter, but I'll bet my bottom dollar that she's luckier having you as a mom.


Fred said...

Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday!

Kish said...

our kids are very close to the same age...Mason will be 4 on July 1st. it is fun isn't it!! Such blessings!