Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Self Control

I posted this article when I first started blogging and decided today after reading Jennifer's post that it was fitting for me to revisit this topic. Hope you gain as much as I have from reading it.
Self Control

What is the value of Self-control?

Self-control is that which enables us to hold our tongues when we are tempted to viciously put someone in his place once and for all . . . or when we know a juicy bit of gossip that would be entertaining to the group and would turn us into the “life of the party” . . . or when an occasion almost demands that we betray a confidence that must not be betrayed under any circumstance.

Self-control is that which enables us to control our passions when another is provoking us to anger . . . that keeps the clinched fists in the pockets when the agitator is only half our size . . . that keeps the lips sealed when another is railing and swearing at us. Self-control is that which enables us to be like our Lord “who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously” (I Pet. 2:23).

Self-control is that which enables us to maintain purity of heart and to thrust out evil thoughts before they can take root . . . that enables us to place the best possible construction on another person’s actions when unproven rumors could easily destroy our confidence in him . . . that helps us to maintain a cheerful disposition when everything around us has turned sour. Self-control is that which enables us to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5). Self-control is that which enables us to love the unlovable and to hate that which the world loves.

Self-control is that which enables us to rule our appetites . . . to say “no” when our appetites would lead us to sin or when that which is harmful to our health is placed before us. Self-control is that which enables the smoker to put down his cigarettes and the alcoholic to put down his drink and never return to it. Self-control is that which enables us to rule rather than to be enslaved.

The Bible does not glorify the indifferent and impassive. It is not our goal to be uncaring. To be like Paul we must be able to have our spirits stirred within us when we are surrounded by evil (Acts 17:16). To be like our Lord we must sometimes feel anger when surrounded by hypocritical self-righteousness (Mark 3:5); we must even react with outbursts of goodness on occasions, as when the Lord cleansed the temple (John 2:13-17). But all such outbursts must be tempered with Self-control, that in our anger we “sin not” (Eph. 4:26).

God does not view our uncontrolled actions with amusement. Our temper tantrums and harsh, unbridled words are soul threatening, a potential bar to the abundant entrance into the Lord’s everlasting kingdom (2 Pet. 1:5-11). We must not minimize the danger. We must not surrender to this evil.

What is the value of Self-control? It is one of the qualities that enable us to go to heaven. The possessor of it is rich indeed.

~ Bill Hall


Bar Bar A said...

So glad you posted it again...this is an excellent and conviciting reminder. "Gof does not view our uncontrolled actions with amusement" wow. I needed to be reminded of that one.

Badoozie said...

well on a scale of one to ten, i'm about a 3. so much for that, i'm off to bawl in the corner.

Anne said...

Barbara - So did I.

Badoozer - Wait a minute, I'll come join you.

Alice said...

I have to use self control and hold my tongue quite often when talking with or dealing with my Grandmother. I love her and know she loves me, but as I mentioned in a previous post a while back, she can be very hurtful and upsetting at times without even trying.

I've always had a very hot, nasty temper. I'm trying to keep it under control and mostly have succeeded pretty well, although I am still quite an impatient person. But still, it never hurts to be reminded: thanks.


Anne said...

Alice - Thank YOU for your comment. I know all about being an impatient person since I am one myself. My mother and I would always get into arguments until I started to control myself. The more I do it the easier it gets. We have such a better relationship now.

We tend to be the ugliest with those we love. I'm sure your grandmother does NOT intend to be hurtful to you. It's another one of those things where we're not aware of our behavior. And since we can't control others, we have to control ourselves.

I'm a constant work in progress.