Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dukes Mixture...

Don't ask me. My mother-in-law says this when asked what's for dinner and she's just whipping up what happens to be in the pantry and fridge - nothing that really goes together but will serve the purpose of filling the belly. As such, this post happens to be full of nothing that goes together, but it will serve the purpose of satisfying my visitors. I hope.


Update: We've had sickness in the house again - HubbaDette passed the funk to HubbaDood. It's been a weird thing. Whatever happened to getting a cold or a stomach virus - that's all I remember when I was a kid? Now, we have all sorts of mutations. This invader consisted of a fever at the beginning and then cold symptoms accompanied by a nasty, croupy cough. Now that everyone is up and about it still sounds like a TB hospital around here. It leaves behind a gunky nasal passage to deal with.


Well, HubbaDood has finally lost his two front teeth. He lost the first one this past Sunday night (well, to be technical, Monday morning at 4:00 a.m.). I remember because we had horrific storms that evening and had to pull the kids out of bed and dart to the basement. This is our first house with a basement and I hope I can always afford to have a basement - it's very handy at this time of year in these parts. As for the second tooth, he hopped in bed with me this morning (as usual) and thus:

Dood: "Look mom. I can turn it all the way around backwards."
Me: "Ooooo honey! I don't want to see that!"
Dood: "It's like it's on a string. Look. LOOK!"
Me: "I can't. I've gotta get up and get to the potty."

I proceed to the indoor facilities...

Dood: Bursting into the potty "mom!! Look!!! It came out!!!"
Me: "Cool honey! High five! Now, can I have some privacy please?"
Dood: With excitement "sure mom!"


I told Aunt Josefina that I would post a picture of my favorite flatware. She had a post about flat forks. I have a thing about flatware and am pretty particular about it. Not as much as HubbaDood who at one point decided he wouldn't eat unless he was using OUR flatware. It was getting ridiculous because he would rather eat with his fingers. I told him he would have to starve or eat with the flatware provided. It's pretty embarrassing when you're at someone's house and your child doesn't want to use their sub-par flatware (I don't usually use the word sub par but I thought it fitting for the occasion). Oh well, here's a picture of our yucky junk flatware that we only use when we have to. Various assortments of good will utensils.

Here is our favorite flatware. We got it at Value City so it didn't cost as much as it would in a different store. I have a video of what I call my dancing fork but I'm linking you to my nutrition website to view it because I didn't know another way to show it - I just downloaded it to the server and created a page for it. I wanted to show how the teeth on the fork don't bend like Aunt Josefina mentioned in her post. They are nice and heavy and balance good in your hand and when you need to cut something they don't let you down. Enjoy the dancing fork.


Well, it seems Badoozer over at the gobhole posted a picture of her piggies to the world and so did Aunt Joe. As for me, I'll have to get back to you on this one. I need to go spend a lot of personal time on my piggies before posting them. Also, I can't find my favorite shoes I wear all summer. I'm getting a little worried. Stay tuned to see if I get back with my piggie - I'll post them here.

I told HubbaDood last night as he was crawling into bed that I would make pancakes for breakfast. He was so excited. He's quite particular about eating. Don't get me wrong, he eats well but it has to be interesting to him - just like The Hubbs except The Hubbs is old enough to realize he needs to eat (and be happy about) whatever is set before him. AND, compliment it. Well, I got all the stuff out to whip up a batch of HOMEMADE pancakes. Yes, made from scratch. Guess what? The HubbaDood ate about three bites and gave it up. Said he wasn't feeling well. I don't doubt it. He's been gagging on all that hunky, junky, gunk in his head for days now. BUT, HubbaDette had a good time with them - can you tell?

Well, that's about it for me on this post (except for the piggies) - blogger has been giving me fits and I've been at this computer for too long.

The floor is now open for discussion.


Bar Bar A said...

The Hubbas are all so cute!!!! What a total bummer about that icky virus thing that won't go away! I hope this is the end of it!!

Foo said...

Mmmm... flapjacks.

When we were out on our notorious trip to Wal-Mart, Turtle bought me some of these Jimmy Dean sausage-n-pancake things that you pop in the nuker and they come out tasting like sausage with pancakes 'n' syrup. Yummy.

Meow said...

Isn't the toothless look a stunner !! When Chicky looked like that, she couldn't talk properly, everything came out with a lisp !!
Take care, Meow

uncle joe said...

BASEMENTS ARE NICE when you live in tornado prone areas. I'm so used to running to my mom's in the middle of the night with the family when it gets bad here in OK which is normal for this time of year. Makes her worry less about us I guess.

Badoozie said...

ewwwwwwwww, theres a HAIR on those pancakes!

sorry you are having more sickness, bummer!
how much money did dood get? those two front teeth should net the most money. probably a couple hundred bucks. just write a check.

ok, get busy and find those shoes.

Anne said...

Barbara - I hope it's the last of it for the year.

Foo - Those were healthy "flapjacks" made with unadulterated flour and organic material served up with organic butter and organic maple syrup and a tall glass of organic whole milk. Those pre-packed sausage thingies look tasty but I'll make my own - I'll have to find me an organic pig somewhere.

P.S. Is that good fuel for a cycler?

Meow - You bet! It wasn't so bad when the bottom ones were gone and not too bad when one of the top ones was gone. Now BOTH are gone - he looks so strange!

Uncle Joe - I would have to run to a neighbor's house. We have several neighbors without basements (slab homes) and I've told them to just run into the house if there was a problem with the weather that the door was open and we would be in the basement - come join us!

Badoozer - Oh well, it's probably my own hair. No worries. HubbaDood gets a 50 cent piece for a tooth. I'm thinking about giving him some of those gold one dollar coins - just because their different. I can't find my shoes and I spent some personal time with my piggies and they didn't appreciate it. I'll see what I can muster up today.

Anne said...

There: Put the glass there.
They're: They're going to the party.
Their: That is their house on the corner.

Just wanted to let everyone know I DO know the difference but sometimes my fingers and brain aren't working together properly.

Aunt Jo said...

Great pictures! I need to get mine posted. I love the "threek". My MIL has those, but I can't eat with it. I like "fourks". :o)heehee

We are waiting on both of the girls to pull a tooth. Carly has one that is hanging on for dear life and Cassi has one front tooth gone and waiting on the other one to let loose.

Hope you all are practicing good hand washing, cause I hear through the blogvines that "God loves clean hands!"

Anne said...

Auntie J - It took me a minute to figure out what "threek" was. We're washing everything like mad over here - don't want anything else.