Thursday, January 12, 2006

What'd U Say?

We were in the car this evening (Wednesday after church) and the kids were singing along to there "Each Little Dewdrop" CD - such precious sounds. Lauren is so funny right now, she mispronounces almost everything. She was trying to say "Deuteronomy" and instead she says "Deuteromomy" - pretty close.

Here are some of the funny ways they have said things -

"pedifier" - this was sissy's pacifier
"tamote" - remote control
"Home Teenpo" - what do you think?
"Monket" - his blanket
"patooter" - computer

"Hockapookoh" - a local restaurant called El Acapulco
"hubba doo" - I love you (the title of my blog)
"americaround" - merry-go-round

I'm sure there's more but it's late. So, you all got any funny words or phrases from kids in your lives?

Here's some pics of last week's entertainment while you're thinking.


Badoozie said...

i believe lauren is speaking the native tongue of hawaii. i'm almost sure. did you possibly bring this on yourself? unwittingly singing the christmas song from the chevy chase christmas vacation movie?

Anne said...

Susie - Hey, you didn't play the game. You're suppose to mention funny words. Oops, there's the buzzer - you lose!

uncle joe said...

This is so funny! I'm gonna turn this over to AJ since she actually has a brain and I don't.

When you're finished with this idea, compile all the new words into a book and have it published. We would buy one.

Badoozie said...

well, its been awhile. my son didn't misprounounce much. he could spit the word out exactly how i said it so he wasn't much fun. the one thing that i remember which we laugh about still is when he was about 2, and he was in the tub, and he was checking out his little boy parts, as little boys often do in the tub. and he says "mom, what are these little round circle things?" and so I said, "well, dylan those are your testicles". and he said "oh, these are my tentacles".

and he called them tentacles for a long time, and i just let him. also, he never called me anything but "mom". no mommy, momma, nothing. just mom. from the time he stopped with the baby babble of mamamamamama. as soon as he had it figured out, it was mom. it's THE most frequently used word in his vocabulary. praise God.

Anne said...

It's so funny isn't it! They bring such joy!