Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Carry-All

This camera is so bad. Sorry for the poor quality. Well, I was tagged by the big Susie to show the current contents of my "carry all". We got lucky today, I didn't have a box of crayons, coloring books, a baby doll, or other children's supplies. I DID opt to leave out a couple of particular private items which happen to be called "girly" things. I keep them in the "secret" compartment.

In my giant Liz purse (given to me by my sister - it was hers and she emptied it out and gave it to me about a year ago). My Liz wallet (also from my sister).

Opti-free rewetting drops
My business cards
Picture drawn by Landen
Church bulletin
First Principles of Christianity study book
Incredible and HotWheel stickers given to the kids from the chiropractor's office
Glee Gum from Whole Foods - tangerine, peppermint and cinnamon. Lauren is the gum chewer.
Dentist and Chiropractor appointment cards
Pens and snowman pencil
Oil blotting pad (for face)
WalMart picture development receipts
Shopping receipts - Kroger, Parent/Teacher Store, RadioShack, Whole Foods
Keys - with the ever-popular Kroger Plus Card (or Big Brother Card)
Menopause Cream - Not for me, I am not in need yet. I have it to try out on friends
Shea Butter hand cream
Lip Treatment
Unused film

And there it sits - all alone in the middle of my old dining room/now pahtooter/sitting room. My lonely exposed bag.


Anne said...

By the way, the wallet is another post in itself.

Badoozie said...

oh, this is great. i'm having the best fun i've ever had. and the oil blotting pads are more popular than i thought. i thought i was the only weirdo with those things, is that what the tan looking circle thing is?

i have a tiny wallet. to avoid such disasters as you have mentioned. i try to clean the receipts out of my purse on a regular basis, to avoid losing or destroying them, since i'm a habitual returner.

but i love your liz purse and matching wallet. and i love the fact it was free. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

DA said...

Djeeezzzz, all that in a purse. You women are really something special. What does the thing weigh?? 'Might as well enter into a lifelong chiropractor subscription with that trunk :-)

JBlue said...

Oh, Dimitri took my chiropractor joke! (Or, I THINK it's Dimitri, although it doesn't look like the Dimitri we thought we knew). That's a lot of stuff. Susie, are you checking to see who carries the most stuff? Is there a prize for that? I think Anne might be in the lead.

Aunt Jo said...

Oh Annie Annie....I dread posting the contents of my purse. It is actually shameful.

I haven't been here in a few days. I must catch up! I will commandeer the meeputer (what Carly called a computer when she was little)when I get home and do a bit of swimming in the blogosphere.

:o) AJ

Meow said...

Anne, that is such a cool collection of stuff. It is really interesting to see all the different things we girls carry, but also the stuff that is the same. I guess most of us are predictable, in some ways !!
Take care,

Seeker said...

If I carried a big purse, for sure I'd put in a toothbrush and toothpaste. Haven't seen anyone with those items, yet. Yours looks quite manageable, compared to some!

Seeker said...

P.s. Those batteries must have been old.... they made the picture fuzzy.

~Jennifer said...

Hey, we both have stickers in our purses!

Badoozie said...

i have a friend who carries a toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere, but she won't cooperate with my tag, so i didn't tag her

Badoozie said...

I i was rich, i'd send all my blogger buds a new camera.

should we do one for the pockets of the men? help me think of a new thing to do thats fun.

we about killed the hot spot thing

DayByDay4-2Day said...

what are Epi-Pens???

Anne said...

dimitri - I wouldn't doubt it. That bag has had more than that in it. I was caught on a good day.

julianb - I didn't think mine was very bad until I looked at all those other "wallets" the girls were calling purses.

AuntiJ - No wonder you didn't want to post a pic of your purse. That was pitiful!

Meow - we are predictable aren't we.

Seeker - I guess you have an issue about your teeth? Oh, the fuzzy pic is not because of batteries - it's a cheezy camera. I'm giong to have to live with it though (or I guess blogworld will have to live with it) because the hubbs is probably not going to let us spend the $$ to get a decent one.

Susie - please send me a new camera.

daybyday - Epinephrine Auto-Injectors. My son has a peanut allergy. The Epi-pens are for him. Peanut will cause him to have an Anaphylactic reaction. As I type, he is with the neighbor having lunch with her son (his best friend) at the "big" school (we home school). I told him not to eat anything except what was packed for him. My neighbor said it was sandwich day at school and peanut butter was one of the options. It's so scarry sometimes.

Aunt Jo said...

ask the men to post a pic of the contents of their wallets. i am sure there is some "george costanza" like man out there with a HUGE wallet. i know i have seen some at the clinic. i always take a moment to tease them too.

Fred said...

Holy crap! Look at all that stuff!