Friday, December 30, 2005

Who Is She?

100 things about me.

1. I like chocolate
2. I don't color my hair (too much maintenance).
3. I don't polish my nails (the maintenance thing again).
4. I wish I had 10 acres to live on.
5. I like shade trees.
6. I like to swim.
7. I wish I had a pool (I suffer from pool envy every summer).
8. I don't like to cook.
9. I like to bake.
10. Anne is my middle name.
11. I enjoy a good nap (but never even get to cat nap).
12. I love my husband A LOT.
13. I really like my swing on the deck and the one on the front porch.
14. I like the smell of my kids.
15. I can't stand clutter.
16. I'm a debater but only on the topic of religion.
17. I miss my motorcycle.
18. I wish I had a house on a lake.
19. I'm a huge optimist.
20. I love life.
21. But I'm a natural born complainer (I get this from my Dad). I'm trying to be better.
22. I like paper. Okay, I like new fresh notepads. Nothing like a good pen and a fresh notepad.
23. I love to sing! and play my guitar.
24. I miss the stage.
25. I would like to live on and maintain a farm.
26. I have two close friends - one is in Florida and we don't talk much and the other lives here and we talk every day.
27. I have two friends from high school who I still communicate with - one I met in 7th grade and the other I met senior year.
28. My BEST friend is my husband.
29. I take showers not baths (yuk).
30. But, I don't like to get in the shower (that procrastination thing).
31. I like to sleigh ride.
32. I like to scrapbook but don't do it enough.
33. I like to smock but don't get to because I don't like to sew.
34. I like my house clean but I don't like to clean it.
35. I like a good steak and salad.
36. I like to listen to my water fountain out front.
37. I'm a joker.
38. I wish I could play piano but don't want to take the time to learn now.
39. I wish I could read music but don't for the same reason. My close friend wants to teach me but I'm resistant.
40. My fingernails grow very nicely but I've always had cut them off to play guitar.
41. I like to dig in my garden.
42. I get much joy from purple martins - their sounds give me great pleasure.
43. I wish I lived somewhere that I could go out in my jammies and there's no one there to see me.
44. I don't like hearing the interstate in the distance from my yard.
45. I used to smoke. It's been four years now.
46. I'm lucky I'm alive due the past life I lived.
47. I don't like to eat hard candy - it makes my teeth all filmy.
48. I'm funny about my teeth - I take great care of them but without fluoride (yuk).
49. I like to color.
50. I like to take pictures. Hubby is teaching me how to take good ones since he's the expert in this family.
51. I like to go barefoot.
52. I like the feel of plush green grass under my bare feet.
53. I like to lay on my back in the grass and stare at the clouds going by.
54. I don't like it when people mow their grass on the weekends - save it for the weekday evenings. Everyone wants to enjoy a nice quiet weekend in the yard.
55. I wish people cared for the appearance of their house and yard more, especially those next door to me.
56. I wish I had a trampoline.
57. I like to study other religious "doctrines".
58. I like to teach people about the gospel.
59. I believe if all lived by God's plan (His Word) the world would be a better place.
60. I believe the only way to effect change is to teach the gospel and LIVE by It.
61. If I could be forgiven anyone can.
62. I like to drive fast but try to maintain self-control.
63. I'm a later tater.
64. I avoid taking over-the-counter or prescription meds.
65. I believe most of our ailments can be remedied by other more natural means.
66. I enjoy home schooling my kids. I've learned a lot from it myself.
67. I like good flatware.
68. I like good sheets.
69. My hair is very thin and straight.
70. I like my van - thanks to hubby for buying it for me.
71. I can't keep plants alive and now I don't want to try.
72. My skin is fair and I burn easily. I could possibly get a little tan but who needs the wrinkles.
73. I like to sing in the shower (when I finally get in there).
74. I like to play croquet but haven't played in YEARS.
75. I wish my husband could work from home so he could be with us.
76. I would like to be in a band again but believe it will take too much of my time away from family.
77. I like the windows open in the house - not a big fan of the air conditioner
78. I like to jam on some good tunes while driving down the highway. I don't get to though.
79. I wish I had my own recording studio in the house.
80. I used to dream a lot about being shot.
81. Both my kids were born cesarean.
82. I used to be a legal secretary as my "real" job and a singer whenever I could.
83. I don't like to polish my toenails.
84. I live for Spring and then Fall.
85. I want to stand on a cliff in Oregon and look at the ocean one day.
86. I don't like to shop not even for clothes.
87. I do like book stores.
88. I like learning about nutrition.
89. I love to watch my children sleeping.
90. I'm a truth seeker.
91. When I'm interested in something I can let it consume me.
92. I like to camp but never get to.
93. I like the sound of my windchime.
94. My guitar is a Gallagher and if we had a house fire, it would be the only worldly possession I would try to save.
95. I don't snore but I breathe heavy.
96. I have to clean my ears with a Q-tip every time I get out of the shower before my ears get dry or I will be very upset.
97. I'm a perfectionist.
98. I'm a procrastinator but I work very well under pressure.
99. I like a lot of pillows in my bed - two is the minimum.
100. My favorite t.v. show is "The Amazing Race" and if hubby and I could, we would be there.


Paula said...

okay--so you and I have some important similarities, like a love for the gospel, but you're the only other person I've heard admit that they HAVE to clean their ears with a Q-tip as soon as they get out of the shower. It drives me crazy if I don't!

Jamie Dawn said...

My hubby uses NINE Q-tips after every shower. I am not kidding. He has some ritual that involves ears, belly button, nostrils... It's a nightmare!

Happy New Year!

Badoozie said...


LIYPOIFM said...

You say: "I wish I could read music but don't for the same reason. My close friend wants to teach me but I'm resistant."

Maybe you should check out:

How To Read Music Without Reading Music.

This gives you a whole other, simple, down-to-earth perspective that your close friend may not know about yet.

Fred said...

Great list.

You can have my trampoline. Just give me your address, and I'll mail it. :) It's just sitting in the yard annoying the lawn guy who has to move it every week.

And, there's no other way than barefoot.

Happy New Year!

Anne said...

Paula - If I see that we're running out of Q-tips are start to panic.

Jamie Dawn - nine? I only use one per ear. How many is that? Oh wait, two.

Susie - Okay, I'm waiting.

liypoifm - Thanks for the tip. I'll head over to check it out.

Fred - I'm afraid it would annoy OUR lawn guy too - Hubby.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Badoozie said...

Chocolate rocks.
your hair looks weaved, but i think it’s pretty,
i don’t polish my nails either, it is a complete waste of time, but i like my toenails polished, i just cant get to them very well anymore.

if you had ten acres, would you run naked around it? if you get big enough lumps, you could have lots of shade.

i like to bake too but rarely do it

what is your first name?
no comment on swingers,

some kids have stinky heads. like all of the friends of my son. what is with these parents, why don't they make sure their kids wash their dang heads?

i can’t stand clutter either, but from the looks of our pic’s, we are both sucking at this.

i will debate religion too, but avoid it because it makes my blood pressure rise,

i miss my 4 wheeler,

i wish i had a house IN a lake,

i’m a huge pessimist. but i wish you would not have admitted you are huge. i don’t like life, goes with the negativism. i complain a lot, get it from my dad too,

i love paper, and pens. if you saw how much of these two items i own, you would be disgusted with me,

i like to sing, but never do it in public, i miss the stage too, everytime i try to step onto it. haha.

i want an all organic farm, and make my own electricity, and clothing from homespun wool.

You would probably have more friends if you would please get in the shower, for the love of pete.

i like to scrapbook, but have never done it,

me too on the steak and salad,

i like your jokes, i’m a joker too, but i have to make up my own, cause i can’t remember any.

i hate playing the piano, my mom tried to make me and i rebelled. i refused to read the music, and played by ear.

do you dig in your garden to plant things, or bury dead people?

what are purple martins.

as for going out in your jammies, just do it.

i hate going barefoot, and if you do that often, i think you need to use a pumice stone on your heels. please tell me your heels aren’t crusty.

good sheets rock,

i like to drive fast too, cops keep pulling me over, and i hate that.,

if you jump on the trampoline at your age, you will wet your pants, trust me.

i tan a lot, and i don’t have wrinkles, because i invest hundreds of dollars in skin care that ROCKS

if you ever head over to the cliff in oregon, please stop in and get me.

i can’t wait for the day to watch you and hubby on amazing race, i too am a truth seeker,

in summary, we have a lot of things in common, i think i like you, if i lived there i would be a good friend for you. I’m glad I met you, and I hope we can continue to be good blogging buds for years to come. thanks for sharing this stuff about yourself, and it helps us know you better. one last thing. please post a pic of hubby. we need to have the complete picture of your happy family.

Anne said...

Hmmm, a picture of hubby? I'll have to think about that - he may not be very happy with me if I do that. I don't have any digital pics of him either. I need to figure out this scanner of mine so I can post some of my conventional pics.

Badoozie said...

just snap the picture. what, are you skeered of him? tell him susie will kindly beat him up if he does not let you share him with us. we are just a crazy bunch of stalking bloggers, who want to know everything about everyone, and that includes spouses, and stuff. now if we were asking about the type of underwear he has, then i could understand his concern. so tell him, not to worry, we won't be over in that neck-o-the-woods anytime soon, so he can just cooperate. i have always found that if you cooperate with me/susie, then you aren't likely to get the tar beat out of you.

uncle joe said...

AJ has no pictures of me but plenty of Hugh Jackman. They are everywhere. She is living in a fantasy world. Playing piano without notes is a real thing. That's how I play. Since you already sing and play guitar and have an understanding of melody it should come easy to you.
I have a 1975 Les Paul that is worth a lot of money so I understand the guitar thing. We gotta go. Talk to you next year.

Aunt Jo said...

I loved your list... I like lists about people. I have a freakishly long list about me. Maybe I will send it to you if you ask me nicely. It is WAY too much to blog about in one post and who really cares anyway? Very few people.

One thing I thought was funny was the Q-tip thing. I am the same way. My doctor tells me that it
is not good to have your ears SO clean, but I don't care. It feels good and I can't stand the watery feeling in my ears, but nine Q-tips is a little weird. (I however, am totally normal in my world.)

I love polished nails-fingers and toes, especially my toes in the summer when they can see out in my flip flops.

I want to say a WHOLE lot more, but I have to go to a party in the real world with oxygen now. Good-bye Bloggers and Happy New Year. Hope you get some kisses at midnight.

Badoozie said...

some people. going to parties. having invites. and me, here all alone with my baggy drawers, farting and wishing for good luck in 2006.

i have a 2004 pignose guitar, does that count? huh?

you guys, i have the worst luck. i got this coupon with my ipod that i bought long time ago. anyway, i've been shuffling this stupid coupon around the house from here to there, for many months. it expires tonight. so yesterday i set it out. do you think i can find it? nope. i looked everywhere. it was for 15 songs. it is the last punch in the gut for my year.

Aunt Jo said...

Get all that junk off your table and maybe you could find it Messy Susie.

Messier Josefina

Kish said...

Do you mind if I do this on my blog? I hate to be a "thief"


Anne said...

kish - go right ahead sweetie! I got the idea from another blogger. Can't remember who it was though.

Kish said...

Thanks. One day when I get a free minute I will, ha! i am swamped with bills, cleaning, re-ordering checks, ebay crap, taking care of my 3 year old child and my 35 year old child (ok, husband, ha :), thanks again!

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