Friday, December 09, 2005

Through the Eyes of My Precious Son

My adorable little son.

My mom gave my son a digital camera because she realized he would enjoy it. It has been a great "toy" for him and he gets a kick out of taking pictures. He can do this all he wants to and I don't have to worry about wasting film. He has taken it on field trips and we get to see what he has taken pictures of. What I didn't realize is that it has brought me great joy. When I finally decide to use the camera and/or download pictures onto the computer I get the best surprises of the pictures he has taken. So, I decided I would like to offer a picture or two on each of my posts to share with everyone what my son sees. While supplies last, of course.

Cheese Please. He was eating a piece of cheese and I guess decided it was worth being photographed. I think I see leftover crumbs too.

Wow - how interesting. I love how perfectly the dish towels are stacked. You don't realize how boring your house really is until you see photos of it. At least the bed was made.

1 comment:

Badoozie said...

I'm over here, checking you out.
I love those pic's and your son is adorable, especially when he's not moving his mouth, or has a sword in hand, lol!

i recently downloaded my camera, and i too found some interesting pic's on it, some breakfast frying in the pan, etc, good idea posting these.