Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So Much To Say

I have so much to catch up on. First of all, the 3/4 portion of the chocolate donut did survive I am proud to say.

Moving on now. It has been such a busy weekend and I'm sure it's only going to get worse before Christmas is over. It's all the parties! Hubby and I went out Friday night for our anniversary which was on Saturday but we couldn't go out on Saturday because I had to be at my dad's house for a family gathering at 3:00 and then off to another party by 6:30 that evening. My sister took the kids and kept them overnight. Got up Sunday and went to Bible study and worship services and then took the kids to a Christmas party at 2:00 and then back to church at 5:00. Parties, parties, parties!

It's just that my life is way busy enough without all the added Christmas duties. It's enough work to keep my household going in a tidy fashion and get school work done each day. Not to mention groceries, messes, laundry, cooking, screaming, blah, blah, blah. I don't really mind going to these gatherings - it's all the baking and shopping I have to do that goes along with it. Like I said - I've got enough to do. Next week is another party wherein I have to bake and buy two gifts for. It's all for the kids you know.

It is predicted we're going to get a lot of snow tomorrow - 6 inches or more. To some people that's not a big deal but around here it is. Sometimes I think that Kroger and the weather man are in cahoots. I think when Kroger is feeling the pinch in sales they just contact the local weather man to "predict" a lot of snow. What's up with that? I too, like many other crazy people, drug myself to Kroger today to get groceries because we were "running low" on food (right!?). The entire city must have been there. I'm not used to the grocery being busy when I'm there because I know what times of the day NOT to be there. It didn't work today. At least there was milk on the shelf when I got there. I buy organic anyway - not too many people want to spend almost $5 for a gallon of organic milk.

As bad as I'm making all this sound - life is good. I haven't bought a single thing for Christmas yet except for the "party" gifts. My theory is, if I start too early I'll buy too much. And if you've read my previous posts, you'll know I'm not a big fan of a bunch of unnecessary junk in my house that I have to find a home for. My husband and I go out together just once and get what we want to get for the kids and pretty much everyone else has to do without from us. Too much spending going on and not enough time spent with eachother. Make it simple.

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