Friday, December 02, 2005

Chocolate donuts are evil!

ANOTHER problem I have - chocolate donuts. Not just any chocolate donut, Entenmann's chocolate donuts. I guess you could say I have a chocolate problem. When I gave birth to my daughter, women from our church congregation brought us meals for a solid two weeks. I was asked what my favorite thing was to eat and I just happened to mention chocolate. Well, these ladies were so kind as to indulge my chocolate desire. One day, a friend of mine (she was on the list that day to bring us dinner) brought us (me) a homemade chocolate cream pie. She is now on the list of one of my favorite people. That pie was the best chocolate cream pie I had eaten in a long time and still is. It was so good that when my husband reached over to get another piece, I about stabbed him with my fork. "Don't you dare eat my pie. She made that pie for ME." He knew by the glassy look in my eyes if he went any further he was going to pull back a nub. You just don't mess with a post-birth hormonal nursing mother who needs her chocolate to get her through the day!

Well, remember in my previous post I mentioned how my husband can't get it through his head NOT to bring things into the house that I have no self-control over? He came into the house last night (returning from taking Landen to a scouts meeting and had Lauren with him since I was having a business meeting here at the house) with a box of Entenmann's chocolate donuts! Another weakness of mine and he knows this. He knows this so well that after the evening was over and the kids were in bed, he proceeds to tell me he bought these donuts as a treat for the kids for breakfast in the morning and that I was NOT allowed to eat them. He knew there would be none to be had by anyone if I got a hold of them.

Well, I didn't open the box until this morning and I proceeded to give the kids their chocolate donuts and milk. Landen ate three and Lauren ate one (I don't think she's a fan of chocolate - poor girl) - which means, out of eight donuts, there are four left. Let me restate that, there is one left (you figure it out). One beautiful chocolate donut left in that big box. If I don't leave it for my hubby I'm in big trouble. It's his fault. He knows not to bring these things into the house. I have no self-control!!

I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow to find out what happens. By the way, the box is sitting here at the desk to the left of my hands that are speeding across the keyboard (I used to be a secretary - I can type pretty fast). What do you think is going to happen? Oh, the suspense is killing me!

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