Thursday, November 03, 2005

What To Say

What to say, what to say. Not sure what to write about so I guess I'll just tell a story about me.
You'll have to hang in there with me because I would like to just tell a story about me but I'll probably throw in some things that happen as days go by in my current life. Where do I begin?

I was born in Ft. Meade, Maryland. I was born on my grandfather's birthday in a army hospital and "legend" has it that he snuck into the hospital (because he soooo wanted to see his first born grandchild) and stole some doctor garb in order to get to see me. Not sure if he got caught. Oh how he spoiled me until he died when I was in sixth grade. I remember the day. I was sitting in Mr. Arrington's class (yes, I'm 39 and I still remember this teacher's name) and got called to the school office. I could see my mother up ahead as she waited for me to walk down the long hallway. She told me that granddaddy was in a coma and she had to fly to Maryland (we were living in Kentucky) and that I needed to ride the bus home to a friend's house. My dad wasn't very reliable. Apparently my granddaddy had already died when they had called my mom but they didn't want my mother to be upset during her travels. It's funny how you remember things. I remember this is when I first tried sammon croquets (sp?). While I stayed at this friend's house, this specialty was served for dinner and how I loved it. My mom never would make them. She always said (and still does) that she hated the smell of tuna fish and she wasn't about to put her hands and jeopardize her smeller on canned sammon.

Well, better go. I'm a homeschooler and need to tend to my children. It's a great Fall day - close to 80 degrees and they want to get outside.