Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Do you ever have a day when all you ate were oreo cookies? Double stuffed! I have never been one to buy things I don't need to eat - if it's in the house I'll eat it. BUT, my husband on the other hand seems to think the kids need a cookie every now and then. What he hasn't realized (he should by now) is that there is a cookie monster in this house. I'm here all day. Did I say "all day". ALL DAY. I open the pantry to get the soynut butter (my son has a severe peanut allergy - this was part of my splendid post the other day that I accidentally deleted) to make the kids some toast on multi-grain bread with a glass of organic milk, and what do I see? Double-stuffed Oreo cookies!! Oh, just one or two. A few moments pass by as I have secretly gobbled them up without the kids seeing me. I return again to the package hidden way back in the pantry. Just a couple more. Before you know it, half the package is gone. The cookie monster strikes again.

About three weeks later dear darling hubby decides he wants a cookie or two (he has WAY more willpower, or should I say "self control" than I). "Who ate all the cookies?" he shouts from the kitchen. Without hesitation (I've given up trying to dance around the issue and I can't lie) I shout back "who do you think ate them? I have told you before not to buy those things, I have no control." He can't seem to understand that. He fails to realize that I quit smoking and that takes A LOT of self control - I can't control too much at one time. I quit almost 4 years ago - cold turkey. I was tired of it having control over me. If I could just apply that same principle to Oreos - double stuffed!

It's like having a pack of cigarettes in the house with a recovering smoker. How stupid is that? I'm past that point now, but you put me in a tough situation and I see a pack of pigs (my pet name for cigs) AND a lighter - I'm not sure I would have the same control. I would have to remove myself from the location of the pigs.

So, don't keep Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies in the house!!! I cannot control what will happen to them!

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Badoozie said...

thats how i feel about Uh Oh oreo's which are calling to me from the cupboard.
your families eating habits are very impressive. i am impressed. very healthy indeed.

i'm just posting comments on all your posts, so you don't feel lonely. i like your blog. we are the same age too. no, i'm not weird, i just know when i first started blogging, i really like when i got comments. keep going, it is lots of fun!!!