Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Busy Day

When will it ever end? I'm 39 and the days keep going by faster and faster. If I'm not "running errands", homeschooling, percussion lessons, basketball, scouts, going to the chiropractor or the dentist, it's the endless housework. I told my husband once, after his announcement he was so glad to be off work, that my job never ends. The weekends are just the same as the week days. My job does not end until I close my eyes to sleep - and that could still be after midnight. For example, it's a few minutes before midnight right now and everyone here is in bed while I sit here listening to reruns of Friends with the suttle sound of the dishwasher in the background. I mentioned "listening" because I'm sitting here at this computer trying to finish up some work of my own (work other than my family, et al). Yet, you're probably wondering why in the world is she posting to this blog? I wonder that myself.

What a happy day!


Badoozie said...

your not alone, i too should be doing school work, and i'm on the blog.

what are you going to school for?

Anne said...

Oh my word! Me in school?! I feel like it though. I homeschool my son (my daughter is not in school yet). He's in 1st grade and I started last year for Kindergarten. We love it but it's a lot of work.