Friday, May 15, 2009


I am continually perplexed how I could sit outside at a soccer game with the wind blowing and still have every breath of my nostrils be attacked by the smell of someone’s fabric softener. I left the game with a headache.


Mother Mayhem said...

Sorry. Hug? HUG.

(I use "free" detergent and fabric softener. I won't make you sick.)

Fred said...

You have a pretty sensitive nose. I'm lucky if I can smell my dinner.

Alice said...

I react in the same way to certain smells. The worst for me is strong perfume. YUCK!

Anne said...

Mahem - So I can hug you without getting a headache!

Fred - It's amazing how well I can still smell after many years in the past being a smoker.

Alice - perfume is bad for me as well and I understand people wearing perfume. Fabric softener should not be smelled from a distance.