Monday, April 27, 2009

New Bed

My new bed is on its way! We finally broke down and made the purchase (well, HubbaHoney did). I think we went with the Comfortaire bed - HubbaHoney liked the mattress design better. It's expected to be here tomorrow! I'm so looking forward to things moving in a more normal direction in our house. I actually moved back down the hall recently because HubbaHoney took our bed apart and put the mattress on the floor - this made it more firm for sleeping. My bedroom looks like a cyclone hit it though. I'll not show pictures of THAT mess. :)

I mowed the grass on Saturday and was also able to mop the kitchen floor. I am very happy. It's amazing how doing "work" can give you great pleasure.

Genesis 2:15
15 Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. NKJV


Mother Mayhem said...

Hooray! Hope the bed is the stuff that dreams are made of! ;o)

Fred said...

Congrats! Now, you'll have to tell us how it works.

Alice said...

Ooh. Bed. Pretty....


I hear you on the work thing. I've recently started a cleaning job while in between employment, as twer, and it's just an hour and a quarter a day, and this may make me a total...what are the kids saying now? Nerd? Dweeb? Idiot? We'll go with nerd.....anyhoo, it may make me a total nerd, but by gum; I feel proud of it.

Love to you and yours, and hope you enjoy the new bed.

Anne said...

Mahem - You're too funny!

Fred - Will do.

Alice - Nice to see you - been a while. It's amazing how working makes you feel good. Most especially physically taxing work.