Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's PE and then there's WiiE

We chunked out the money this past Christmas for Santa to bring the Wii. This was only after I had been coerced by my children to play it when visiting other people who have this THING and figured out you have to get up and move while playing. Anyway, my only reason for allowing the Wii in my house (anyone who knows me knows I hate mindless video games) was the very reason that you have to get up and move.

So, I put HubbaHoney on the hunt and he had no clue what he was looking for or what it was all about but he finally prevailed in his search. Then, about a week later I stumbled across this Wii game called Outdoor Challenge (make sure you watch the video) - it is the BEST! My kids have sweat everyday since Christmas on this thing. HubbaDood then wanted to get the Wii Fit with his Christmas money. I put the HubbaHoney on the hunt for that one as well since it was harder to get than the Wii itself. It's pretty cool too!

So they start their day with what we call WiiE on the Wii Fit with Yoga poses and strength training, play a few games on it to increase their balance and strength and then off to the Outdoor Challenge where they work up a really good sweat.

I recently learned that HubbaDood is apparently a competitive person. I also recently learning that I am apparently a competitive person - only in certain areas. So, when the kids go to bed I get on the Wii Fit and try to beat my son's score. He get's up the next morning and gets mad at me because I knocked him down in the rankings. Too funny!


Aunt Jo said...

Just don't get Wii knee.

Dapoppins said...


I want one too.

Anne said...

AJ - Too funn!

Poppin - Everyone should have one! Maybe we can convince the government to give us money to buy one in that new "stimulus" package. :)

Junosmom said...

We have a Wii but boring games. I'll have to look into this.