Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Text" - a verb, a noun or an adjective?

What is going on with our English language? With all the new contraptions being invented and pumped into our economy for all to consume we're being bombarded with new-fangled terms and worse than that, people are losing the ability to spell properly! (not saying I don't have my struggles in that department).

Since when did the word "text" become a verb? Most importantly, how do you use it in it's "past tense" form?

"I'm busy writing a text message to a friend." - "I'm texting a friend."
"I just received a text message from a friend." - "My friend texted me." Or is it text me? I don't know - I don't even have a cell phone. To show you how far behind we really are... I have rabbit ears on my television.

P.S. tele - Greek for far away, distant; video, visum - Latin for see. Television: seeing distant things.


Foo said...

Some of that is inevitable, I guess. The one that always bugs me is "disrespect". I know that's unfair, since "respect" is a perfectly valid verb, but to me, "don't disrespect me" sounds like something that was created by the rap music types.

The Doozie said...

well and the acronyms are a debauchery as well. Have you read the paper lately? Or looked at the online news? No one can write properly and or use proper grammar apparently they've never heard of proof reading? I find it very annoying. These people have degrees in journalism for petes sake!! And READER BOARDS!!! I drive by the food coop the other day and they advertise Pumkin Pie. Are you kidding me???? Doesn't anyone catch the mistake and fix it? The world is really going to heck

thislittlepiggy said...

Cell phones are weird. Just weird. The worst is when those awful things start ringing during church. :o/

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Texted. Absolutely. ;-)

Uncle Joe said...

to text or not to text....that is the question.
to be texted while driving has me vexted.

word verif. is uncla

uncla joe

Anne said...

Foo - I SO use the word "disrespect" - with my children.

Dooz - I am SO with you on that! Not too long ago I heard a news anchorwoman use the word "passerby" in its plural form in this way "passerbys." It hurt my ears to hear it. Now I know I don't have the best speech but I'm not in front of people making speeches and/or reporting what some would call "news."

Piggy - What I can't figure out is that they come into the church building with them in the first place. If it's left in the car there is nothing with which to worry.

Jen - I think "texted" sounds more funner! :)

Joe - You always have something silly to say.

Aunt Jo said...

I used to detest texting...but now I love it!

it is a noun and a verb I do believe.....right Teacher?