Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coffee Anyone!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but HubbaHoney is all into micro-roasting coffee. He started off on a hot air popcorn popper but has extended the hobby to an Ambex 2 kilo gas-fired drum coffee roaster (I know). We've converted our mud room off the kitchen into a roasting room - I must really love him. :)

Anway, we've been roasting at home (well, he's been roasting and I bag and tag) and have been selling it at our local farmer's market. We've gotten really good feedback on it. He's got it on eBay right now and will roast before shipping. His current listing is for Columbian but he'll be listing some other origins here shortly.

If you're interested in some really good specialty coffee roasted fresh please visit my wonderful man's eBay listing.



The Doozie said...

I would be interested but the shipping is awfully expensive?

thislittlepiggy said...

That's amazing! If I were a big coffee drinker...

I think I'm closer to you than I was before! :o)

Uncle Joe said...

I'm jealous of him
I do have a small roaster I bought last year.

were there any local regulations that had to be followed for local sale?

Fred said...

I've never even tried coffee. How's that for unusual?

Anne said...

Dooozer - send me your current mailing address.

Piggy - So where are you?

Uncle Jo - At the Farmer's Market we have different rules than we do here at home to "process". It took forever to get it all straight. We had to install and hand washing sink in the "roasting room" which used to be an extra mud room off my kitchen. I also have to have a sign in my downstairs bathroom that says "all employees must wash their hands before leaving" - or something like that. Coffee roasting is a lot different than regular food processing but no one has redesigned the rules for coffee roasting.

Fred - It's GOOOOOOOD!!

Aunt Jo said...

i love fresh roasted coffee.

love farmer's markets too.

will we see you on Food Network having a Throwdown with Bobby Flay?