Saturday, February 16, 2008

Music - Pandora

I found this cool site this evening - Pandora. It's free internet radio. This is just too cool to me since I don't get to listen to the radio much - mostly because I'm a bit particular about what my kids hear and sometimes I never know what we might hear on the radio. It's hard because I'm such a music lover especially female singer/songwriters (who'd a thought).

What's cool is that you create your own station. By entering in a particular artist they search for similar music/artists that match. It found artists I've never even heard of. Love it! Give it a try. I think I'm gonna have to finally buy an iPod. Maybe HubbaHoney will buy it for my birthday if I give him enough notice.


Anonymous said...


I think you should have an ipod. get the 4g or higher. get it at costco so you can return it if it has issues which they tend to have. or if you don't have a costco, buy it off a street gangsta who probably stole it. just kidding

Aunt Jo said...

I love Pandora! I listen to it more than the regular radio when I am at work. I like the Michael Buble' channel I have. :o)

Anne said...

Doozer - huh???? That's right. No iPod. We are not poddin' over here.

Aunti Jo - I'm done with the radio... especially now.

Uncle Joe said...

pandora does indeed rock.

theres some great bluegrass stuff on there.
anything else for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Pods are something for holding peas right? ;o)

I'll have to check Pandora out. Our radio doesn't pick anything up in between the mountains!

Emma Sometimes said...

I ♥ Pandora for new music, but have to have for music I already ♥ plus they give you a player or stand alone player!

Anne said...

Joe - I keep forgetting about it when I sit here at the computer.

Lisa - That's what I thought. I guess someone figured out how to put music in it.

Emma - I'll have to look into that projectplaylist thingy.

Scarlet said...

We've been listening to this at work. It's fantastic. I love how it keeps on playing the same type of music all day long.