Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buses & Cars

I'm sure this is not a new question by any means but... why is it that we get ON the bus but we get IN the car? Leave it up to a five year old to ask this question.


Anonymous said...

I think the difference may be that, with a bus, you usually have to climb on using steps. A car you drop down in. Unless you have a monster truck. Was I helpful? :o)

Jennifer said...

What a clever question. Clearly, we get IN buses too. I love 5 year old minds.

Anonymous said...

that's a rockin awesome question. Another one of those weird quirks of the english language.

I have an interpretation of your personality from your comment on my blog:

You are a woman of great wisdom who loves to dabble in computer programming. At certain times you can be found studying binary code and making Christmas ornaments out of old floppy discs. In high school you were voted "Most likely to still own your 80's clothing well into your 40's"
You never throw anything away and sometimes your husband secretly burns some of the take out containers that crowd your cupboards. You will be the first woman to reach for the stars and actually grab onto one of those suckers.