Monday, September 03, 2007

Nocturnal Enrichment? - Update

Okay. I realized that my neighbor works at the school up the street that has this "Nocturnal Enrichment" thing on their sign. While we were chatting the other day, I asked... "what in the world is this?" Are you ready? Are you sure? Plainly put... it's babysitting. For $15 you can drop your child off at the school on this designated evening where they will stay at the school for about four hours having an evening of games and learning. This is so the parents can have an evening to themselves and the children learn and have fun.

My biggest issue is the fancy dancy name they put on it. Like Foo, I would've thought it was night school too.

Well, tonght we had our own evening of Nocturnal Enrichment - we had several people over from our congregation to roast hot dogs and smores around the fire in our backyard. I'm sure that was plenty of entertainment for all those who live around us. They were probably wondering what these redneck people were doing and then... wondering why they weren't invited.

It was such a wonderful day this past Friday that HubbaHoney decided to put the tent up in the back yard and camp out with the kids. Again... he's the fun one in the family - I'm too busy being the teacher all the time. He tends to do this at least once or twice a year. We build a fire and roast hot dogs. SO, since all that junk was still in the yard from Friday's fun we decided to invite a few folks over tonight after evening services for even more fun. The only difference in tonight was more grown-ups and being able to get the guitars out for some campfire jammin' - that's my kinda fun. :) Here's some pics of Friday's hotdog feast.


Foo said...

How silly. Why not just call it "Parents' Night Out". Or in, if that's what's called for.

I have a tent that I bought about 20 years ago, at the request of a girlfriend who said she just loved camping (nudge, nudge. wink, wink.) but would never actually go.

I've used it exactly twice. Once, when I got together with some buddies and camped down at Bailey's Point (Barren River Lake), and once more before that, when I'd first bought the thing and pitched it in my living room. Left the flap open so I could watch HBO, eat popcorn, and drink beer.

Keen, huh?

~Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update on the nocturnal enrichment deal. It's not unlike what I was thinking, except I was thinking something more sinister like the schools trying to usurp even more parental territory. The parents night out sounds like a pretty cool thing, though, but I agree with you on the fancy name for it.

R said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun. I would bring my new broken Martin, but it isn't out of the shop yet. STILL.

Anonymous said...

I think a good thing to tell little kids when it is raining is "God is crying, probably from something YOU did"