Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Writing on the Walls...

I just love how my children have decorated my house. This first little gem was created by HubbaDood way back when he first discovered writing. I get to look at it every time I sit at my computer. We like to call this "D46".

This one was a beautiful creation left by HubbaDette after watching HubbaDood create his masterpiece D46.

I just recenlty noticed this one while relaxing in a chair in my computer room. There's no denying who did it since the culprit spelled her name.


We recently had our local town festival "Oldham County Day". The kids usually love it. I have in the past spent my day at a booth for my business but decided for the past couple of years to avoid doing that and spending the day with my family. I'm going to share some pictures below of HubbaDette watching the parade and waiting for HubbaDood and HubbaHoney to pass by. You see, HubbaDood is in Cub Scouts but our local troop is pretty pitiful. No one bothered to contact the parade person and get a spot for our guys to be in the parade. We found out two days before the parade via an e-mail full of whining because no one showed up with candy for the boys to toss and nothing for them to ride in. Okay, we don't need candy and they can walk.

I proceeded to contact the parade person and got a spot for the boys, emailed all the families and told them the time and place to meet. No one showed. HubbaDood and his daddy were the only ones walking in the parade from our local scout troop. HubbaDood saw a bunch of his scout buddies on the sidelines though.


Here's what happens when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.


Henny Penny said...

I don't know what to comment about first! The pictures of the parade are great! It's a good thing that Hubbadood takes pride in his troop... Even if none of the other scouts/parents do. LOVE all the artistic touches around your home. You need to paint a frame around them. Hmm... Except the one on the couch, It's a stand alone. I will only tell the truth? Who was in trouble? What were they drinking by the time they got finished? TeeHee

Emma Sometimes said...

d46. Nice.

Non stick cooking spray (regular kind cause your walls will smell garlicy, or lemony) should get your pen marks off the walls.

that chalk board is a little like the game "telephone" don't you think?

Anne said...

Hi Chickies - HubbaDood was in trouble for telling a lie. He was suppose to write sentences but before he got there HubbaDette tried her hand at it. I wrote the first one.

~Jennifer said...

lol! We have some art like that hangin' around our house too.

Anonymous said...

ummmm did you have your kids clean their writing off? what happens when they do that at someone elses house? I'm in a grumpy mood.

your girl looks grown up, she is losing her chubby cherub better have another babay!

Anonymous said...

You've been NAB'D!

Anne said...

Jennifer - I'd love to paint my house but I'm hesitant to cover up the memories.

DooserDorf - HubbaDette IS growing up too fast. What's with the NAB'D thing? I went to it but didn't know what I was suppose to do.

Lawanda said...

I got a lovely artistic expression in pencil on my bedroom wall today. ;)