Friday, June 15, 2007

Rambling Thoughts... laundry.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. She mentioned she spent all day on her laundry and finally finished. I have to say... anyone who uses the word "finished" or any form of the word finished in the same sentence as the word "laundry" does NOT live on this planet! Or is it just me?

There is always and forever dirty laundry hanging around somewhere in your house. It might be hiding in the hamper (if you have one - to me it's just another place to grow dirty, moldy, clothing funk). It might be hiding underneath somebody's bed (HubbaDood). There may be a lonely dirty sock hiding behind the toilet. Who knows! There are plenty of places for dirty laundry to hide not to mention the soon-to-be dirty laundry you are currently wearing.

Then, once it's clean it has to be dried. Once it's dried it has to be folded or hung. Once it's folded it has to make it's way to four or five different rooms. Once it makes it to the proper room it has to make its way to the proper spot such as the closet or drawer. This could take DAYS!

Laundry is perpetual. It never ends. The amount may increase or decrease depending on the amount of people in your household. BUT... it NEVER ENDS!

So, next time you decide to mention to someone you "finished your laundry" - think of me. Go here to see my 2006 laundry post and picture of my laundry room - it hasn't changed much.

PS. Speaking of laundry (cleaning), here's a video and a link to the products I use and have been using since 1989.

Have a great weekend and to all you Fathers - Have a GREAT Father's Day!


Ba Doozie said...

Sometimes when I'm trying to be "finished" with the laundry I am tempted to take the clothes off my body to wash them also and walk around naked just to say I've finished.

I'm first!!

Aunt Jo said...

"momentarily finished" is more like it. you are only done til someone gets ready for bed and it all starts over. i am so thankful for my laundry room it keeps the laundry monster at bay in my least confined. haha

we won't talk about the socks.

Anne said...

Doozer - I've also been tempted by the same thing but been too lazy to do it because then I would have to take a shower.

Auntie J - I too am lucky enough to have a laundry room that can be hidden.

The Woman said...

Our laundry pile makes me long to join a nudist colony...

R said...

How utterly depressing.