Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shoe Expo

For the record, these are not a member of my current shoe repertoire. Badoozer offered up another challenge to present a picture of your worst/oldest/ugliest pair of shoes. I would have to say that these fall into all three catagories don't you think? I purchased these shoes in the mid 80s (my rock band days) from a store called "Wild Pair". Back in the day I wore "the fire out of them" (this is a common saying in my house). Needless to say my feet have gotten slightly bigger since then - a whole size and a half bigger. I have a bag in the basement containing quite a few mementos from this period in my life - it was rather entertaining to go through it this morning.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you still have these!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

FruitfulSpirit said...

My feet hurt just looking at them and to think you wore them! In my younger younger days maybe! I do like the decoration on them though!

Lisa said...

Very... Um... Buckley... *Chuckle*

R said...

Vampish. That is all I can say.

Foo said...

Dang, girl! There's a name for that kind of shoes. It starts "Follow Me Home and..." but I can't say the rest, being as this is a family forum.

Synaptic misfire: The Eagles, 1980. "Those Shoes"

God knows, you're looking good enough,
But you're so smooth and the world's so rough.
You might have somethin' to lose.
Oh, no pretty mama, what you gonna do in those shoes?

Anne said...

Badoozer - I can't either!

Fruity - I ONLY wore these on stage. I was too embarrassed to wear them any other time.

Lisa - You like those buckles?

R - Vampish?!

Foo - Again, I would NEVER wear these things, even on stage! I've come a long way from those shoes.