Saturday, November 18, 2006

Second Life

Okay everyone, thanks for participating in my awkward days challenge. I must move on to bigger things. Has anyone heard of Second Life? I remember hearing about it about a year ago and just recently HubbaHoney heard about it again on Good Morning America and I researched it and read two articles here and here. Although I read it I still haven't figured out a lot of it but I went to the Second Life site and signed up last night anyway - figured I might as well since it's free. This is just too funny! After finally getting through picking a name and filling out some other junk I suddenly appeared in this strange place - I laughed so hard!!! It was funny because I wasn't the only "newbie" showing up and "people" were bumping into each other. It takes some time to figure out how to maneuver. You supposedly spend some time at the beginning location to learn how to change your appearance and how to move about. When you're ready you can move to the next level - currently this is where I am.

You have to see this! It is too cool!

So, if you happen to decide to check it out and enter in, my Second Life name is Ealie Seelowe (you only get to pick your first name). When you register it asks who referred you so make sure you enter in that name. I will supposedly get points or something for premium level referrals. Not sure how to look up people but if you figure it out look me up when you get to town. :)

Oh, you can fly in Second Life by the way - I've always wanted to fly.


Fred said...

Referencing the picture challenge, I'm pretty sure I'm going through that phase now. When I look back in ten years at this ponytail, I'm sure I'll be laughing pretty hard.

As for Second Life, I've never heard of it. I need to check it out, though.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving, Anne. Or Ealie.

R said...

What about this life? It is good to me. I couldn't handle a second one.

Badoozie said...

oh boy, you too? jublue has disappeared because of this!!

i don't like it! and i'm not looking at it. those people have sex and stuff, and you'll find out for yourself i guess.

Anne said...

Fred - just about every picture I look at of my past makes me roll my eyes.

Rachel - OH, this life is quite enough for me. I'm a very curious person and once I figure out a find out all I can about something I usually move on to something else.

Badoozer - Is that why jublue disappeared? I can see how it would consume someone. The two times I've logged in it seems to take forever to learn everything. I did read in the articles and on the site's terms page about the "adult" activity and that it's suppose to remain in certain areas or they are to be reported.

By the way, if I disappear it's usually because of my "real" life.

uncle joe said...

Okay, since I have no real life I'll try to sign up sometime this you have any suggestions for a first name?

Anne said...

Uncle Joe - I'm sure you won't have any trouble thinking of a first name Batman.

EmmaSometimes said...

I was going to say JuBlue is awol to Second Life..its a funny site.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid to click on the link... I was afraid of being sucked in to another dimension! *LOL*

~*~Happy Thanksgiving!~*~

Funky-Redhead said...

You are a mess! HERE YOU GO AGAIN! Can't wait to find out where this ride takes you!

Anne said...

Emmers - Maybe I'll try to find her there.

Moo - You're too funny!

FunkyR - I know, I know. It's all HubbaHoney's fault - he's the one who hear about it and found it on line.

Aunt Jo said...

I have enough to do in THIS life, much less a SECOND LIFE to keep up with? Does this thing come with a maid?