Monday, October 02, 2006

The BUZZ!!

What a beautiful little boy if I say so my self. Here's HubbaDood in his Cub Scout attire (somewhat). HubbaHoney took this photo last week after their den meeting. During this summer HubbaDood lost his Bible - what's new? We looked all over the place. The only place we could think it may be was that it got left behind at Lake Cumberland after our week of camping. We had attended worship services at a local congregation within walking distance of where we stayed. Well, we told a few people who visit down there regularly and the search began. Last Sunday someone showed up with it - it had been left behind at the church we visited. In the meantime, HubbaDood had been begging me for a hair cut. The type of hair cut I really didn't want to see on my handsome little boy. Well, I don't know what I was thinking but, I told him if he found his Bible I would let him... ~gulp~... get a buzz!!!

Needless to say, HubbaDood was extremely excited when his Bible turned up because he believed he was going to finally get his "buzz". But, I leaned over to him and said "you didn't find your Bible - someone else did." Oops.

Well, HubbaHoney wouldn't allow me to do that to HubbaDood and I knew I didn't need to do that either. So, all last week I got pestered "when am I going to get my buzz?" I told him if I didn't get him to the girl who regularly cuts our hair that Daddy would take him to the barber shop on Saturday.

Oh how I wish I had taken him. I would have explained to my girl how I feel about my son's hair and it probably wouldn't have been.... uh.... well...

Tears filled my eyes when he took off his hat and showed me his hair (I didn't let him know though). I just keep waking up in the morning waiting for it to grow back.
Well, HubbaDood LOVES IT! He thinks he's so cool.
He only wanted his hair cut like this because the neighbor boy's hair is always like this. His Dad shaves it off. I told HubbaDood today at lunch "Did you ever think that other people wish their hair looked like yours?"
He keeps rubbing his head. Oh, the agony.


Bar Bar A said...

Oh How I Relate! I remember when my handsome little guy begged for a buzz - I missed his hair so much! He still wears it buzzed!

Your little dood sure is adorable and you have every reason to be proud of him!

Kish said...

buzz cuts are easier to maintain, but I like my boys hair a bit longer in the fall/winter months. then we buzz it for the warmer months :)...I understand your pain...

Badoozie said...

i think he looks very cute with it like boy likes his hair longer, and dad buzz's it all the time, so we have the opposite here. try to relax, there are worse things he could bug you about

R said...

I was just looking at Funky Redheads little boy---you guys have a wealth of cuties!

I think his hair looks pretty cool. Dear Sir loves a good buzz. It is good for the male soul. Seriously.

I have had to let go of the longer hair ever since I had the first thought of keeping it that way. Dear Sir will never have it.

It will be ok.

Funky-Redhead said...

okay...I am laughing soo loud... But, not at hubbadood! I remember when Bran-man cut off Prisspot's hair, and I used to wake up each morning with the same thought! And just now, 3 years later is it as long as it was! So, look on the bright-side, it's not like he has a colored mohawk, 10 body piercings, and 4 tattoo's in "unmentionable" areas! YETY!lol

Aunt Jo said...

We came in from church Sunday and Joe disappeared for a while then I heard the shower running. I went into the bathroom to find all his hair in the sink on a towel. *sniff* But I like to rub it feels scratchy.

HubbaDood you are the cooliest!!

Mom please go to Chillsville for a breather. :o)

Anonymous said...

HubbaDood is a cutie... buzz cut and all! If I had a little boy, I have a feeling this would be his haircut of choice too! *Smile*

Anne said...

Barbara - Well, at least I'm not being pestered anymore. :)

Kish - I felt it was too late in the year for a buzz but his hair grow pretty quickly. I just want it grown out a bit more before holiday picture time.

Badoozer - I know. I know. There could be worse things. It's the whole idea of wanting to be like someone else. I guess we all suffer from it.

Rachel - I believe it's good for him to get to do that. At least it's not a mohawk.

Funky-R - So, has Bran-Man had a buzz? You wait until you see him in person. Where is my little boy?

AuntiJ - I've been to Chillsville and back. I'm chillin'. I like long hair on grown men as well. I like it when HubbaHoney let's his grow for a while. Nice.

Lisa - I think I'm going to let him get his hair cut like this once per year. Preferably in the summer.

uncle joe said...

I like the hair in that band, what do you call them?

Molly Hatchet...yeah....

Anne said...

UncleJ - Who in the world is Molly Hatchet?

Aunt Jo said...

I heard on the radio that mullets are making a come back. If you are high-class you pronounce it
"moo-lay". It's French.


Foo said...

Aunt Jo, don't go there. [grin]

Anne, maybe it's just you being a protective mom. I don't think the buzz looks bad at all, and just think of how easy it will be for him to take care of after being out doing boy things and getting all sweaty.

I've been considering getting a buzz cut myself, but I'm afraid to find out what shape my head might be. I had a "butch" when I was a kid back in the '60s, but who knows if my head is even symmetrical any more.

Turtle has been encouraging it, because my hair's starting to thin. Okay, that's a lie. She wants me to do it so I'll look more like Vin Diesel.

FruitfulSpirit said...

Anne my Artistboy who this past week bleached his hair blonde and then died the tips blue, kept it buzzed for 10 years. He loved how it looked and it was his choice. I always thought he looked beautiful no matter what!

Given the bleached blue hair of today, I am rethinking that thought. Remember it could always be worse!!

EmmaSometimes said...

cute haircut. By the way, way do they call it a hair cut when it should be a hairs cut.

When it starts to grow out get some hair goo and spike it up. My boys love leaving for school smelling like coconut hair goo. hehe.

Badoozie said...

oh anner bananer, come out come out where ever you are.....

Anne said...

AuntiJ - You're just too funny.

Foo - Well, in case no one knows this yet - I'm a hair person. I like long hair on men (above the shoulders). I'm considering letting HubbaDood "buzz" his hair once in the summer and that's about all I can do. It's killing me.

Fruity - Okay. I'm happy with the buzz.

Emmers - He's wanting it spiked but I told him he got it cut too short.

Badoozer - I'm here. I'm just slow. I have too many irons in the fy-ruh.