Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And The Winner Is....

Well, I finally found some time to elaborate on my quiz and release to you the results of the only four participants.

Badoozer came in third, Uncle Joe and Cathouse tied for second and Funky-Redhead won. If Funky-Redhead hadn't have won I would have been quite surprised since I talk to her practically every day on the phone. Considering her results I suppose we need to talk even more. :)

Cathouse 21/30
Badoozer 18/30
Funky-Redhead 24/30
Uncle Joe - 21/30

On to my quiz questions and I will only elaborate on the true ones:

1. I have a mole on my right cheek - YES! No story needed here.

2. I'm a professional gleeker. Okay Uncle Joe, I don't get paid to do it BUT I can do it so well that I SHOULD be paid. Hows that?

3. I was on a swim team. No, not the "Tadpoles" but close. I was on the swim team while in middle school.

4. I shook hands with Ronnie Millsap - YES! One of my first real gigs when I joined the bluegrass band was to warm up for Ronnie Millsap at Morehead State University in Kentucky. I was 16 and remember he had a lot of cologne on and my hand smelled like it after we shook hands. I wouldn't touch anything the rest of the night because I wanted to get home and let my mom smell the cologne.

5. I've had my picture taken with Willie Nelson - YES! If I ever find this picture I will post it. While living in Nashville I had backstage passes to a show he was performing at. He didn't hardly talk.

6. I've appeared on t.v. several times - YES! Mostly when I was younger. Since I was in a local band we played gigs all over town and it would always be at some function that the new was at and we would be in the shot every time. I also appeared in a live local television broadcast as one of the featured entertainers at a huge gala.

7. I hit a cycler with my car - YES! I'm surprised Foo isn't over here bashing me about it. I blame this on HubbaHoney for causing me to have to stop one morning on the way to work. The cycler was on the wrong side of the road and I failed to see him. The officer said we were both at fault. Luckily I was coming from a stopped position but I did knock him off his bike into the street. I was so hysterical that the police and everyone else was more worried about me. The cycler even called me at home to check on me that evening.

8. Sang in my brother's wedding - YES. No story to tell except it was very difficult because I wanted to cry because it was my brother.

9. Been in a snowball fight - who hasn't?

10. Been in a real physical fight? NO

11. I like to eat spam - NO, NO, NO!

12. I've been rock climbing - NO. I have not interest in that.

13. While whit water rafting I fell out of the boat and floated down stream - YES. I was not happy. The guide purposely tipped the boat and every one of else fell out and floated down stream. The hardest part was getting a tail back in the boat.

14. Can shoot a firearm practically perfectly. YES, I miss every now and then.

15. I let a boy pick me up and run with me while playing frozen catchers. He fell and landed on top of me ramming my front teeth into the pavement and cracking one of my teeth. YES. It pains me every day that my teeth got ruined.

16. All my personal belongings got burned in a family bonfire since I didn't show up for the big house cleaning and move. YES. Luckily I had moved out but all those things that we don't take with us when we first move out got pitched into the fire. I heard from my brother and sister that it was NOT a good day. My parents built a fire in the driveway and burned pretty much everything they didn't want to deal with.

17. While driving down the street I had the hood of my 66 mustang fly up on me three different times. YES. I loved that car but boy was it a hassle. The radiator would overheat after driving one block.

18. I drove a GT Mustang all the way to town in second year. YES. I was learning how to drive a stick. I had borrowed my boyfriend's car and drove it to the grocery but I was too scared to change gears for fear of not being able to get back.

19. I once kicked my sister across the room and she busted her head on our glass coffee table. YES. I was such a meanie when I was young. I'm the oldest and I would torture my brother and sister as well.

20. No wheelies.

21. My neighborhood nickname was "flat-chested bucked-tooth beaver" - YES. That was quite a self-esteem booster.

22. No head shaving.

23. I once ran through the neighborhood in my jammies - YES. While spending the night with my best friend from middle school we camped out in the back yard and run up and down the street in our jammies - just because.

24. I do NOT like oysters.

25. One day, all I remember eating was Oreo cookies - YES. This only occurs if HubbaHoney brings them into my house. I have no self-control.

26. I won a seven day cruise on Norwegian cruise lines - YES. The night we won the cruise was the same day we found out we were pregnant with HubbaDood. The cruise was taking place right at the time HubbaDood was born. We weren't able to go because I had a new baby and a c-section. We weren't able to cash it in, give it to anyone, or anything. Bummer.

27. Got trapped in an office building during a tornado - YES. In 1998 a good sized tornado hit downtown Nashville, Tennesse during working hours.

28. No bungee jumping here.

29. I've been stalked before - YES. That's a whole other story.

30. I fell off the roof of my house and broke my arm. NO WAY - never broken a bone.


Funky-Redhead said...

WHEW! I was sure Susie was gonna clean up! And then I was gonna be really embarrassed since I do talk to you everyday, and then you would know, I am really not listening!LOL;)

FruitfulSpirit said...

Wow some interesting things one learns from these things! So were your parents just getting rid of stuff or were they angry at you kids for something? I don't quite understand!

Anonymous said...


Fred said...

I only take quizzes that I have the answer key.

And, I missed your post. Darn!

Badoozie said...

i demand a recount! this was a trick!!

Aunt Jo said...

i had your quiz all copied and pasted and was just about to answer them last weekend when there was some calamity at my house and i didn't get to finish. awwwww heck.

i hate tornadoes and spam.

euphrony said...

Being an Aggie, I like bonfires. But, a bonfire just to clear out unmoved stuff of your child - I guess I'll have to wait until I get to that point and see what I do.

uncle joe said...

A tie for second should be resolved by a tie breaking question.
Send the answer to:
Uncle Joe
Fort Gibson, OK