Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm Back

I didn't go far. I've been busy tweaking my Shaklee website (don't pick at it too much - I'm just a FrontPage hack but so far, it works for me). I've also been busy trying to create a site for our local home school group. Things are starting to pick up around here with the new school year. We continue to school throughout the year but not much is going on with the "groups" or field trips. We did go to the Newport Aquarium a few Fridays ago.

This past Friday we spent the day on my sister's boat and rode up and down the Ohio River. I will try to remember the next time to put my hair in a ponytail. I had so many knots in my hair - I thought I was going to have to cut one of them out but I was able to pull one hair at a time out of it. OUCH!

A few weeks ago we let the kids stay outside later than normal (later than the rest of the neighborhood kids) and allowed them to run through our end of the neighborhood making loud noises. They caught eight frogs and they were so proud. We let them keep one frog each over night and then let them go the next day. These are called Fowler's Toads.

We have our Kentucky State Fair coming up - YIPPEE (sarcasm~). I'm not a "fair go'er" obviously. I DO go but only under duress. It's just that it's sooooooo H O T and H U M I D. I go to appease my family. I usually try to find the closest air conditioned seat and plant myself. I DO have to say that the fudge is the best I have ever eaten - Morgan's fudge. They have a booth at the fair every year in the same spot and you can bet I'm making my way there BEFORE I find my air conditioned seat. Also, I only like to go the first couple of days of the fair, before things begin to "ripen". I like to go during the week and AFTER the public schools have started - less crowd. I'm not a big fan of crowds either.

Well, better get to bed. Gotta get up early and teach HubbaDood about the origin of our language. What?


Aunt Jo said...

I love the sharky picture! The sun shining down through the water makes it look really neat!

You have been a Busy Bee!

School starting already? You are even ahead of us here and we are early. Cassidy will be in 1st grade and Carly will be in 6th. Her first year of Middle School. She will have at least two of the teachers that were there when I went to school there 25 years ago! Wow!

Have a fun day.......full of words that make language. :o)

Reverberate58 said...

I like the frogs. Fairs are Ok but like you I tend to stay away! I do like to go if they have a good craft section for viweing but other than that I tend to stay home!

Anne said...

Auntie J - We try to school all year but the local "groups" don't plan events except during the same time of the local public schools' schedule.

58 - This fair DOES have an excellent craft section. It's the STATE fair so it is FULL of stuff. The nice air conditioned area where I like to plant myself is in the crafty area. I will try to take some pics of the beautiful quilts and post them for you. The fair starts on the 17th.

Well, we're off to see The Sound Of Music this evening. They are performing it at the Stephen Foster Amphitheatre in Bardstown, Kentucky - about an hour from here.

Anne said...

Forgot to link:

Bardstown, Kentucky

Stephen Foster Story

My Old Kentucky Home

Fred said...

Can I borrow you for a few days to teach my kids the origins of whatever they're speaking nowadays? Maybe I can learn something...

Anne said...

Fred - Is that even possible?

Alice said...

I've always adored frogs. When we've walked Bingo near Hurcott Pool the past few evenings we've had to walk carefully because the great annual migration of newly formed frogs apparentlt takes place this month: hundreds of TEENYTINY little frogs. I picked two up, but only to move them out the way of the very inquisitive dog.

Luckily he didn't eat any. I think their hopping unnerved him as much as it interested him.

Not a fan of fudge, got to admit. Love chocolate fudge cake though.

If you're ever in Wales, try their home made fudge: sold in most shops and according to those of the family who like fudge, the most gorgeous fudge in the world.

Hope the school year continues to go well.

*hugs* xxx

Badoozie said...

you have not had MY peanut butter fudge. it is the best. i lost your addy so if you send it to me again, i will send you some fudge when the weather cools off cause i don't want it melting by the time it gets all the way over there.

uncle joe said...

The Hills are Alive!!!! with the sound of Molly Hatchettttttt!!!


Okay kids, Language as we know first began when this cool group called Molly Hatchett began playing and singing songs in a garage.........

Anne said...

Alice - I've never been a big fan of frogs - even when I was little. I have decided that I'm apparently going to have to get used to them.

Badoozer - If I can remember to get over to gmail I will sent it to you. BUT, do you have any other flavor besides peanut butter? Not that I don't like peanut butter fudge - it's my favorite. But, I can't have it around because of HubbaDood's allergy.

Uncle Joe - Get on out'a here silly!!

Funky-Redhead said...

The only thing I like more than reading about your life...is being a part of it! We've had fun this summer! Great to see the pic's!