Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here, There and Everywhere

Well, I typed a final post about my aspartame issues but I thought I would spare you all the grief and deleted it. Time to move on.

Moving on to much more pleasant and better things.
Well, school activities are back in full swing. Started our swim lessons and this time HubbaDette has joined in. She cried that morning when I told her she needed to put her swimwear on but she got over her fear A LOT quicker than HubbaDood did last year.

Even thought we do school all year long, most of the group activities stay along the same schedule as public shool. We keep schooling all year to keep it fresh and because we tend to take our time getting in our required amount of school days per year.

Today, we went to the Louisville Science Center to see an IMAX presentation of an African Safari - it was pretty cool. That was my first time visiting an IMAX theater. I don't get out much; I know.

I have some WONDERFUL news. My best friend Funky-Redhead and her son Bran-Man have decided to join the blogworld. I would love it if you guys could vist with them. Funky-Redhead is my best friend and a sister in Christ - I love her a lot so please make her and Bran-Man feel welcome. We talk to eachother on the phone just about every day and I tend to make surprise visits at her house and we talk, eat lemon cake and listen to the kids run, jump and scream (all of this is done after school of course). She and Bran-Man are homeschoolers too. They are the reason for our trip to the Louisville Science Center yesterday. Knowing how long it takes me to get ready to go somewhere with the kids, Funky-Redhead dares to call me at 7:00 a.m. to ask me if we would like to join them on that trip to the Science Center. I accepted and we had a great time.

There were a few cool things to do in the lobby area of the science center such as this bubble thingy where you could be inside a bubble - this was a great hit. This is Bran-Man and HubbaDette inside the bubble.

HubbaDood and Bran-Man climbing a rock at WaterFront Park.

I tried to load more pics but blogger just won't let me. Guess I'll just have to leave you with what's here. Don't forget to go visit Funky-Redhead and Bran-Man.


Bran said...

Thank you for telling people to come and visit my site. Thank you for helping me start my blog. I am very excited about it!


FruitfulSpirit said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful field trip! I have been to the IMAX in Florida a few times and they are really neat to sit through! Kids get a big kick out of them. I will check out your friends and see how they are doing in the blog-o-sphere! Hope all is good with you and yours!

Badoozie said...

well, i must not get out much either, because i've never been to an imax theatre?

Funky-Redhead said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for sending your "other" friends! Check out my big sis! She started today thanks to you!

Anne said...

Bran - You are very welcome. Keep it up.

Fruity - They DID enjoy it quite a bit. It was a bit expensive I think for a 45 minute show - $7.00 for the kids and $8.00 for me. Yowch!

CowChick - And I thought I was the only one.

FunkyR - I already checked her out. I clicked on her link at Bran-Man's blog.

Alice said...

Wow. Sounds like a fun trip.

I'd really like a go in that bubble thing.

Love swimming. I'm trying to get back into the habit to help tone myself up. Went this morning, actually.

Have a great weekend, Hubba clan.


Anne said...

Alice - you have a great weekend too! The weeks just fly by anymore.

Bar Bar A said...

This post brought back memories of my son at that age - I loved doing all those fun things with him, it was like having a childhood of my own too!

I'll check out your friends!