Friday, July 14, 2006

Camping - finally!

First off, here is the "barn" we stayed at. It's a barn all right. It's on about 100 acres of land and when it was dark, it was dark and when all the people were gone, it was nice and quiet. You can see our Honda van there on the right. I'm thankful to The Hubbs for taking the time to take pictures of where we stayed because it just didn't cross my mind with the continuous work.

This is a view from inside the barn in the direction where he took the first picture. The entire covered area had a gravel floor - the kids obviously loved that - they wouldn't stop digging in it. Look at that fantastic hammock. Again, I didn't get to lay in that but the kids did.

Here's HubbaDette. This was our first day at the lake and this was about as far as she would go into the water. By the time the week was over she would let you take her out to the deep water and let her life vest float her.

Let's not forget HubbaDood with his mighty squirt thingamajig. He did a great job as well in the water - those swimming lessons sure paid off.

I think this picture was taken later in the week since her t-shirt is looking a little more brown that in the previous picture.

Okay folks, don't say a word! Here I am in my modest swimwear and making a major attempt to stay out of the sun. I am NOT a fan of non-shaded areas. I think this was taken on the last day we spent at the lake. My clothes were looking pretty gnarly by this point. No wonder, considering I wore this most of the time. When we would get back to the barn we just kept our suits on while making dinner and just let them dry while wearing. There are several unidentifiable spots on this shirt now.

The little boy in the blue hat is "Lukey" - this is HubbaDettes favorite person on the planet. I will be shocked if they don't end up marrying each other when they grow up.

WooHoo!! HubbaDood just loved this. We took several shots of this that turned out better but this was the only one where you could see HubbaDood. That's him in the front, down in the tube holding onto the handles. This and the wave runner were his favorite things. We took this picture on our last day at the lake. We were on the pontoon beside them - taking a little tour of the area. I say "little tour" because gas prices were (and still are) so high.

This was our last night there. The regulars decided to take us to this beautiful spot to watch the sunset. The road to get here was a mine field - worse than a mine field. I wish I had tried to take a picture of the road. There's "Lukey" again - look at HubbaDette's smile. The little girl in yellow is "Lukey's" sister "Ms. Mary". She and HubbaDood are best buds as well. He lets me style his hair for church now because "Ms. Mary" likes it. The other two are brother and sister as well.

I had more pictures to add but after I saved this as a draft Blogger wouldn't let me post anymore so I gave up. All in all it was a nice trip but I will have to think pretty hard to do it again next year. I just found out though that the people who own the property will let us come stay any time. We (The HubbaDoos) might try to go down again without the crowd.

I'm going to have another post with more pictures and more to tell - like how I had to face two of my phobias. AAAHHHH!!!!


uncle joe said...

Badoozer, don't be jealous cause I'm number one over here!!

What was the name of this camp?

The Molly Hatchett Family Camp?

Reverberate58 said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! And all the kids really seemed to enjoy by the happy smiles on the faces. Maybe next time you will be more prepared of what to expect and will stay out of the kitchen. Let the guys cook!!

Anne said...

Uncle J - It seemed more like a "compound". It was the "workhorse camp". We did get to sit around a bit and play some music. In the second picture you'll see a guitar to the left. That was where we sat to jam a bit.

58 - you ain't kiddin'! Let the men worry about feeding everyone.

Reverberate58 said...

Our vacation was at a lodge that my Aunt & Uncle own. They rent it out to Christian families and organizations. We get the one week for family! I posted about it several weeks back but you might have been on vacation. Here is the link!

Reverberate58 said...

Ok that did not work well I will try again!

Badoozie said...

i can't say anything about your shirt, or your clothing, or anything about yOU????? this is NOT FUN. your NO FUN

your kids are fun though. i like them better than you so there

Badoozie said...

Rev's link

i couldn't resist fixing this for her so people can actually click on it!!

Foo said...

What a cute bunch!

I'm not quite "getting" the whole deal with the barn. Was the upstairs like a bunkhouse or something? Or did you pitch tents in the open area downstairs?

Finally—and I almost hate to point this out—despite the noted slimming effect of vertical stripes, that place still looks big as a...

Well, yanno.

Kish said...

Looks like a fun time and a great place to take the kids!

Fred said...

Great pictures, Anne. Looks like you guys had a great time. Next time, can I send my kids with you?

Anne said...

Badoozer - You're just mad because I hadn't commented on your blog. I was there reading your blather though.

Foo - Big as a what? I don't get it. Yes, the upstairs of the finished part was a sleeping area for a bunch of people. We pitched a tent out in the grass in front. I tried to post those pics but it didn't work. I'm going to show more pics when I get a moment.

Fred - Send them on. They would love playing pigeon killer. Well, maybe not.

Foo said...

"Big as a barn". ;)

Anne said...

Foo - I am such a loser. Having children has scrambled my brain.