Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okay Boys & Girls

The HubbaDoos are heading out for our first big camping trip. We've camped before but only for one night. We are heading for Lake Cumberland here in the great state of Kentucky - about a three hour drive from our house. We plan to camp for six days but it may be longer depending on how The Hubbs' back holds out. I have worn myself ragged doing laundry, baking, and packing. We're leaving at 10:30 tomorrow morning and The Hubbs will meet us there. I am in charge of setting up the tent? Oh. What fun.

We are camping with a huge group of people - people we have never camped or vacationed with before. It's going to be interesting. I've heard there is one guy who rocks the entire planet with his snoring - I have already packed my ear plugs.

Okay, while I was in a baking frenzy and babysitting today, the guy from the water company knocks on my door to inform me they're cutting off our water!!!??? What? Apparently, the bill AND the late notice are floating around the house somewhere. Glad they came today and not tomorrow. So, here I was unshowered, greasy hair with chocolate all over the front of my shirt from the cake I was baking and I have to head up to the water company to pay the bill or all of the life-giving water supply will stop at the HubbaDoo Hotel. What a day. It's almost 7:oo p.m. here and dinner isn't on the table yet.

Lastly, I left a message over at Badoozer's blog that I need help on the iPod issue. I came across this web site while doing a little research and want to know from you bloggers if it's worth my money to purchase one of these (the small cheaper one) for The Hubbs for his birthday on July 10th. I won't be back here for a while (well I might check back tonight but who knows) and I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback.

Later Taters! Here's a pic of HubbaDette as she slept this afternoon. Have a good holiday everyone!!


Badoozie said...

anne: i would agree that apple is less than helpful in regards to their products, ie: this computer i'm using. they think their crap doesnt stink. and thats all there is to it. BUT, i had an ipod that i bought from costco, and when it quit working i took it back and got a full refund no questions asked. so when i bought another one, i bought it from costco. if you don't have a costco, go onine and order one. costco backs all their products, they have the best return policy aside from nordstrom that i know of. if i had it to do over, if mac computers were sold at costco at that time i would have bought it there, otherwise, NO WAY. as far as an mp3 player, there is nobody that can compare to ipod. hands down.

Badoozie said...

i just copied and pasted this response from my blog, i missed the part about putting my response over here.

again, on the ipod, no other product will compare. buy it at costco, or online from costco, and if you want the cheaper one get the nano. do NOT get the shuffle. its TOO small, and it does not have a screen. a screen is a MUST. there are two ipod nano's to choose from one has 2g's and one has 4 g's, which means, one holds 500 songs, and one holds 1,000. for a starter, i recommend the nano 2g. thats what i bought, at costco and i love it. its small, and i also recommend buying the little belt clip thingy right away to prevent droppage and scratching. i got it at best buy for under 10 bucks. its a clear plastic holder, the back slips off so you can put the ipod in it, then it clips onto your clothing, or you can get an armband for it. make sure to get him one of these with it, because you can't put those things in your pockets, they fall out, and get bumped, which changes your music without your consent. i also recommend the ipod docking alarm clock from costco. i love that too. the sound is great, the price was good, and its sooooo cool. just go online and look all this stuff up, i've taken up too much of your space already. sigh........

by the way, your daughter falls asleep in the weirdest places

Anne said...

What's the mp3 player thingy?

Anne said...

I was thinking about the small cheap one - it's a money issue. I think it's about a $70 at Walmart.

Meow said...

I don't know anything about ipods, but camping i do know !!
Hope you have a great time, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Have lots of fun with nature.
Take care, Meow

Fred said...

Boy, can she sleep! That trait will serve her well over the years.

Have a great camping trip. I'm headed out to Disney later today, so I hope the roads are decent.


Alice said...

All aboard the havoc express! CHOO! CHOO! First station stop; nervous breakdown.

At least, that is what *I* would be having if not only was I going to have to go camping but I was having to deal with arranging everything (and set up a tent? Good luck) and the waterboard came and told me I was being cut off...

...Dear Lord, poor you! Did they actually DO it, or did you manage to sort it and therefore be able to have a shower?

Have a great time, anyway.

Hugs xxx

Alice said...

Almost forgot; that girl's so SWEET!

Hope you keep all these little snapshots for future showings to perspective 'boyfriends'. After all, as a mother it is your duty to embarrass the pants of your children as much as possible.

- In a totally nice way though, of course.

Reverberate58 said...

I am late in posting you are probably already gone. Sounds like fun and we will expect a full report when you return. I love the picture and it amazes me how children just drop and sleep! Too cute!!

Aunt Jo said...

what are you doing to that child? she falls asleep in the funniest positions! heehee

hope you have fun and packed plenty of bug spray.

looking forward to posts when y ou get back

Aunt Jo said...

Welcome Home Anne and Hubbadoos!