Friday, May 12, 2006

The "I's" have it.

Well, while surfing around tonight (this morning if you want to get technical about it) I visited Mr. Foo first and after reading his post I decided to borrow this meme idea from him - because I liked it.

Here it goes (I did this in a hurry and off the top of my head)...

I AM easily amused - so I'm told.
I WANT The Hubbs to be able to stay home with the kids and me and work from home.
I WISH I were an Oscar Mayer wiener. Oops. I mean, I WISH I had a pool.
I HATE cleaning the same messes over and over. Can't anyone pick up after themselves?
I MISS playing music for a living but I don't know how I would fit it in.
I HEAR everything and my kids know it.
I WONDER why people aren't more loving toward others.
I REGRET my poor parenting decisions.
I AM NOT as patient as I would like to be.
I DANCE around the house with the kids - but not enough.
I CRY when I'm happy, sad, or whenever I can bare no more.
I AM NOT ALWAYS as strong as others believe.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS good food that makes my family happy.
I WRITE poorly and plan to teach my children better.
I CONFUSE "affect" and "effect" - I've used the dictionary and still can't figure it out.
I NEED to get rid of a lot of junk in my house and make my life easier.
I SHOULD try harder to do the things that make The Hubbs happy.
I START with good intentions.
I FINISH feeling glad that it's over.
I TAG whoever wants to participate. Let me know by leaving a comment.

Here's a shot of HubbaDood at swimming lessons - he's not looking very happy is he? I decided after a bad experience with both HubbaSpawns last summer that the eldest would be in swimming lessons - my hope is that he won't be afraid of the water. This is devastating to me - I'm a water bug. I love the water. I was on the swim team in school. Because of HubbaDood's fear last summer, HubbaDette is now afraid as well. Last summer I had her on my hip screaming because HubbaDood was screaming while hanging onto the other side of me for dear life - I thought I was going to scream.

I had to hide from him during the first lesson so he wouldn't lose his cool and back out. These pics are from lesson #2 and by the time this one was over he was feeling pretty good about himself. He's such a brave boy!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Foo said...

I was not a good student, my first round of swimming lessons. Mom took me and my best buddy (Leadfoot, interestingly enough) to the YWCA for lessons. One of the first things they tried was to get us used to holding our breath underwater. They scattered various toys on the bottom of the shallow end, which we were supposed to pick up by ducking under the water.

But Leadfoot and I were too cagey for that. We held on to the side of the pool, picked up the little toy cars with our feet, and then proceeded to drive them around the edge of the pool.

Leadfoot and I were really into cars.

Mom tried again the next year or so, because she never learned to swim and felt it was important that her kids do so, but that first class was a waste.

Anne said...

What's funny about these lessons is that the ones with the least experience are in the deep end where they CAN'T touch the bottom. There were three groups and the ones with the best swimming skills were in the shallow end.

At the first lesson he wouldn't let go of the instructor's neck - he's the oldest in the group too. I'm hoping to put HubbaDette in lessons next time after HubbaDood has gotten over his fear.

Badoozie said...

you too, have a good weekend, hubbamom.

Reverberate58 said...

So glad you got them the lesson. Kids are so funny about what they fear. My son for the day he was born loved the water until at 18 months he fell in the swimming pool. His dad got all excited when he got him out, he was floating face down (for who knows how long, now you know why this man and I did not stay together for long after) and was so scared by the experience it took several years later and swimming lessons to get him back in the pool. Best thing for them!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers Day!

Kish said...

I love swimming. I am like a fish and my son has followed that trait :)>..wish I had an in ground pool :).
I will do this question and answer thing. I am still bummed though, still not on your blog roll :(. I think you don't like me...

Anne said...

Badoozer - Thanks! Is that all you have to say?

58 - How awful! I sure hope we don't ever have to experience that. Glad there was a good outcome.

Kishy Baby - My son followed that as well but the problem started when I didn't take the time to keep him in water deeper that he is tall. He used to jump in the pool to me without any fear. What ever you do, keep him in water so he never forgets that floating device DOES work.

By the way, I am so worry I had not added you yet. It's all because I'm a lazy bum. But guess what? Look in the margin - you're there!!!

Later Taters!!

Alice said...

Learning to swim is one of the hardest and most useful accomplishments one can aspire to.

Great job Hubbadood.


Hope you all had a good weekend.

Anne said...

Alice - thanks for the encouragement. HubbaDood has been hanging in there and doing a wonderful job.

Badoozie said...



Anne said...

I'm alive - I promise! At least the last time I checked I was.

Kish said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll ;). I did the "I's" thing but then decided to email it instead of posting it and I didn't have your email address I will have to try and find it and email it to you...

Favorite Apron said...

I have three Y swim teamers in my house and it's been the greatest activity for us as homeschooling family. Everybody at one practice at one time and no school requirement. Meet days we are all together. Plus, the kids are drown proofed.
I, however, flunked beginner swimming lessons. : P

Anne said...

Kish - you are very welcome. I'm looking forward to the e-mail.

Apron - We are loving the swimming as well. I'm probably going to stick with it as long as we can afford it. By the way, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I always enjoy visitors.