Monday, May 22, 2006

HomeSchoolers Rock!

What a great idea! A local homeschooler in our area came up with this idea for a school project of running a small business. We didn't waste any time making our purchase. Sometimes when you see other kids out who appear old enough to be in school you wonder "do they homeschool"? Now, that would be the thought from another homeschooler. Others might think "why aren't those kids in school?" But then say out loud "Oh, you homeschool. Then why aren't you at home?"

Or sometimes, you hear "Oh, can you read this?" What?! Are you testing my child?!

Great idea Anna! We love wearing our wristbands!

P.S Anyone have ideas as to how to share video clips on your blog? I have the funniest clip of the kids and want to post it somehow. Thanks for your help.


Bar Bar A said...

Very good idea she came up with!!!

As for posting a video, the easiest thing to do is go to You Tube and sign up for an account (free) and upload the clip there and they will convert it to html AND a URL!
So you can email or post it.

I can't wait to see it!

There may be another way, but that's the only way I know how.

Meow said...

Hi Anne ... what cool wristbands.
I'm with Barbara, youtube works, I've used it myself. I think photobucket now also hosts videos, but I haven't tried it. Give it a go.
Have a great day.
Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

posting video clips, is actually SO easy, I can't even begin to describe it. thats all I can even tell you at this point. its pointless to point out the real point.

Badoozie said...

can they make up a wristband that says 'retarded citizen"?

Anne said...

Barbara - thanks for the information. I will give it a shot.

Meow - You have a great day as well.

Badoozer - you are such a silly nilly.

Have a good day girls.

Alice said...

Have no idea about the video thing; it's taken three months for me to figure out how to post pictures. The wrist bands are cool though. Very modern, very hip.

People can be so RUDE, can't they?

The seemingly endless ways I have been confronted by things similar to that can anger me sometimes, or upset me, but never surprise me anymore.

And that's sad.

Fred said...

Anne..I do video all the time. The best service is Google right now.

Just go to and create an account. Once you put the video on your PC, simply upload it via the tool Google provides. Then, there will be an "embed" link on your video. That's what you have to paste onto your blog.

Just make sure the video code on your post ends with /embed (in carrots) in the HTML code, it sometimes gets dropped.

It sounds complicated, but it's easy, really.

Reverberate58 said...

I love the wrist bands. All the kids wear them for one cause or another. I like them. Sorry I can't help on the video thing. Maybe soon I will have learned from my son.

Anne said...

Alice - we just use it as another learning experience.

Fred - Where have YOU been?! Hiding behind the bushes? Thanks for the advice - I will surely check it out.

58 - I'm NOT looking forward to the days when my SON is teaching ME.

Ya'll have a good evening.

Aunt Jo said...

love the bands! great idea!

especially like the photo of brother and sister holding hands.