Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Workin' Hard? Hardly Workin'?

I was going through some junk the other day and came across this cartoon - I just love it and thought I would share. Isn't this just the case on some days? Sometimes this is the case with most people all the time. This cartoon made me think of Foo for some reason - sorry Foo!

I still feel this way at home. I'm suppose to be on this computer working but instead find myself checking out everyone's blog and then.... here comes The Hubbs - "I thought you were working?"

Me: "That depends on what you consider to be work." :)

I was going to depart this post with some Easter pics but Blogger is giving me a fit and I could only get this one of the kids on Easter morning before worship. Maybe I'll try again later.


Reverberate58 said...

So cute. I love their happy faces!! Sweet babies. Thanks for the share.

Anne said...

You are very welcome. They had happy faces because they had just eaten chocolate for breakfast.

Badoozie said...

ahhhhh, cuties. you did great dressing them up.

so, don't you set up some kind of trap so you can hear him coming? then you can minimize the blog screen, and have your work up, and he will never know. get with it.

Meow said...

What cute kids ... they are a credit to you.
I agree with Susie ... lay a trap, so that you can minimise the screen and have your work there ... what fun !!
Take care, Meow

Anne said...

Come on girls! He's way too smart for that one.

Aunt Jo said...

You need your work screen minimized then click on it real fast when he comes.

Or tie a cowbell around his neck so you can hear him coming.

You should also tape your mouth up so you don't laugh too loud at Susie's posts, so he won't know you are cheating.

You could do like me and say it's research....totally research. You are making marketing calls.

Aunt Jo said...

PS Cutie Patooties your HubbaDoo's are!!

Bar Bar A said...

YES, I relate to this cartoon and YES your Doos are the cutest!

Kish said...

The kids look adorable!! I feel that way at work sometimes too, I mean both jobs, in the office and at home since i work in the office part time and at home the rest :). So I hear ya!